Becoming an Outstanding Languages Teacher

Steve Smith

Becoming an Outstanding Languages Teacher explores the skills that it takes to deliver exceptional language teaching and produce outstanding results. Offering support to all language teachers, this book offers a wide range of approaches to teaching and learning that will help to keep students stimulated and engaged when studying languages.

" many good ideas that I have almost run out of page markers!"

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Breaking the Sound Barrier: Teaching Language Learners How to Listen

Gianfranco Conti & Steve Smith

This new book, published in August 2019, is a research-informed guide about how to help students become more confident and effective listeners. The 12 chapters consider various aspects of the listening process: processing sound, lexical retrieval, grammatical parsing and meaning construction. Chapters cover phonology, vocabulary, grammar, interpersonal listening, task-based listening, assessment, listening-as-modelling, songs, strategies and curriculum planning. The book provides over 200 ready-to-go classroom activities with a focus on listening and would suit all teachers, whatever their experience.

“The most stimulating CPD read I’ve had in a long time.”

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The Language Teacher Toolkit

Steve Smith & Gianfranco Conti

The Language Teacher Toolkit is designed with both practising and trainee (pre-service) teachers in mind and uniquely bridges the gap between research and classroom practice.

It is a comprehensive and clearly written handbook, particularly useful for teachers of modern foreign languages (world languages) who work in high schools (secondary education).

Written by two highly-experienced teachers with an interest in research and theory, it offers a reflective approach along with many practical classroom activities which can immediately be applied in daily teaching.

"It's jam-packed with creative ideas for the classroom, and it's really inspired me."

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