Contents - Y10-11

My book 50 Lesson Plans for French Teachers:Step by Step is here. A4 format, photocopiable, with accompanying slides free on this site.


These two 40-50 page study packs contain resources for listening, reading, speaking and writing, together with answers. You can edit them as you wish. For teachers outside England and Wales, the level is about 3-4 years of teaching for Foundation, 5-6 years for Higher (depending on your syllabi).
Foundation Tier
Higher Tier

The pack below is a bridging pack from GCSE Higher to A-level for students intending to continue French

Bridging pack


See the Year 8 and 9 sections for more grammar exercises if the ones below are too hard. These worksheets may also be useful for revision at A-level.

Five pairwork verb tests (present tense)
Five pairwork verb tests (perfect tense)
Three pairwork verb tests (imperfect tense)
Three pairwork verb tests (future tense)
Three pairwork verb tests (conditional tense)
Two pairwork verb tests (pluperfect tense)
Tenses - translation into EnglishUpdated + with answers 12.12.22
Tenses - translation into FrenchUpdated + with answers 12.12.22
Definite articles and partitivesUpdated + with answers 12.12.22
Depuis and ça fait... que..
Perfect tense info gap oral task
Present to perfect tense exerciseUpdated + with answers 12.12.22
4 translation boardgames (Perfect Tense) NEW 11.12.22
Vacances aux Etats-Unis - perfect tense lesson plan
Vacances aux Etats-Unis - PowerPoint slide version
Passage to write in perfect tense from infinitivesUpdated + with answers 12.12.22
Imperfect tense - crossword
Perfect and Imperfect Tenses (translation)Updated + with answers 12.12.22
PluperfectUpdated + with answers 12.12.22
Pluperfect (2)Updated + with answers 12.12.22
Present participlesUpdated + with answers 13.12.22
Present participles crossword
AdverbsUpdated + with answers 13.12.22
Adverbs crossword
Adverbs gap fill
Various tenses - battleships
Negative oral drills ne... pas
More negative oral drills - ne... plus/jamais/rien/personne
Negatives with imperfect tenseUpdated + with answers 13.12.22
Negatives with future tense
Game to practise jamais with the perfect tense + extensions
Two verbs together (PowerPoint lesson)
Two verbs together (2)Updated + with answers 13.12.22
Two verbs together (3)Updated + with answers 13.12.22
"Après avoir" structureUpdated + with answers 13.12.22
"Avant de + infinitive" structure
Conditional moodUpdated + with answers 13.12.22
Conditional mood (2)
Si clauses - Present + future
Si clauses - Imperfect + conditional
Si clauses - Imperfect + conditional (2)
Conditional perfect tense
Verb tenses crossword - pres, perf, fut, imp, cond
Possessive pronouns
Articles and partitives
AdjectivesUpdated + with answers 13.12.22
Present tense revisionUpdated + with answers 14.12.22
Direct object pronouns
Direct and indirect pronouns (difficult!) Updated + with answers 14.12.22
Relative pronoun que - PowerPoint lesson
Relative pronounsUpdated + with answers 14.12.22
Using ce qui and ce queUpdated + with answers 14.12.22


These allow students to build up utterances using comprehensible chunks of language. They could be used in preparation for speaking and writing tests. Each one has a suggested teaching sequence and a gapped version of the frame for scaffolding/self-testing purposes.
Digital technology (easier)
Digital technology (harder)
When I was younger
A plane journey (also in Y8)
A disastrous holiday
A holiday in England
Accidents (using present participles)
Holiday jobs (using present participles)
Protecting the environment (using present participles)
Healthy lifestyle
Cinema and TV
Family life
Typical school day
Life at school
Future plans
Pastimes in four tenses
Food preferences
A meal I had NEW 2.1.23
My town


To make more like these go to


Using pour, pendant and depuis
Conditional tense
Conditional perfect tense
Relative pronouns qui and que
Asking questions
Using dont
Indirect object pronouns
Adverbial pronouns y and en
Pluperfect tense
Future perfect tense


Easy translations
Google Translate beaters - parallel gapped translations
8 harder translations
8 harder gapped translations
100 foundation tier sentences (AQA standard)
100 higher tier sentences (AQA standard)


Teacher's guide to using texts with exercises


You could make these into a booklet for independent reading
Online media habits
Weird hotel complaints
Rescued fishermen story
Islamic State
Maglev trains
A heroic deed
Dogs who can detect cancer


A Canadian vet talks about her job
Is it better to be an only child?
A black boy brought up in Nazi Germany
An act of heroism
Migrant smuggling in Calais
Elephants (being like humans)
Malala Yousafzai
Gapfill on above
Jigsaw reading on above
Locavores - people who only eat local food
Gapfill on above
TM3 jigsaw reading on above
Interview with an astronaut
Gapfill on above
Jigsaw reading on above
Gapfill on above
Jigsaw reading on above
Giant pandas
Gapfill on above
Jigsaw reading on above
Polar ice melt and sea level rise
Gapfill on above
Jigsaw reading on above
Driverless cars
Air guitar
Louis Braille
Interview with an airline pilot
Interview with a TGV driver
The secularism charter in French schools
Fear of flying course (Could be used with Cabrel song J'ai peur de l'avion)


Tripadvisor - visiting the Cité des Sciences
A lottery winner creates a foundation to fight climate change
How to save water
Countries affected unequally by climate crisis NEW 8.12.22
Lesson plan based on the text above NEW 17.1.23
A green transformation for the Champs-Elysées (with accompanying video)
Polar bears under threat of extinction (see video listening on same)
Dolphins threatened by pollution
Shale gas
Are GM foods dangerous?
Ozone pollution
Journée mondiale sans portable
Antibiotic pollution of rivers


Visiting the Eiffel Tower
Holiday gîte - Tripadvisor
A holiday in Charente Maritime
Visiting Futuroscope
Skiing holidays
Gap fill for the above
Matching task for the above
The Pont du Gard
Fastest roller coaster in the world


The Tour de France
Protection from UV rays NEW 27.11.22
How well do you sleep? - narrow reading
Stress in teenagers
Alcohol and health in France
French people eating less meat
Healthy eating - sugar
Locavores - people who like local food
Eating meat and the environment
Healthy fats
Healthy eating habits

Pets living longer
Healthy living campaign


What are social media influencers?
A charity project set up by teens
Syrian refugee family in Belgium
Government plan for the homeless
Poverty in France (2016)
Poverty in France (2018)
Pocket money
Child labour
Betting in FranceUpdated + with answers 19.12.22


Texts and translation on school (7 pages)
Why do girls do better than boys at school?
School uniform - for or against
Gap fill for above
Paying children for good marks


Booklet of 10 extracts with questions for GCSE higher tier
Lesson plan and worksheet on a poem about Alzheimer's
Déjeuner du matin poem
Cinderella story
L'Etranger passage
Le Petit prince passage
Le Petit prince passage (2)


Online dating ads NEW 5.1.23
Two French films NEW 20.12.22
A 7-page set of resources on TV (written with G. Conti) NEW 12.11.22
The origins of the French language
International Girls' Day (11 Oct) NEW 3.11.22
A French nurse pilots a microlight across Africa
Heroic deeds by citizens
Film review: Le temps des secrets
Greta Thunberg crosses the Atlantic by yacht (2019)
An amazing survival story (Tonga tsunami, 2022)
Frantz Reichelt, who died trying to fly from the Eiffel Tower
10 interesting facts about board games
The eruption of Mont Pelée in 1902
Favourite lifestyle YouTube channels
Three weird animal news items
Favourite TV series
Interesting facts about dogs
Ariana Grande
J K Rowling
Harry Kane
Taylor Swift
Super heroes
Ma meilleure amie
Sting - won't bequeath his fortune to children
Remarkable war story
Interview with a Dutch immigrant to France
Interview with a French GP
Curious fait divers
Fait divers - attack in Corsica (passive)
La francophonie
Stephen Fry
Orangutan fait divers
Why do people steal?
What would you do with one hour to live? (Conditional practice)
TV programmes matching task (updated 2017)
Homer Simpson
Daily routine + past/present/future
10 standby dictations
Pair work tennis game
Silly Tommy Cooper jokes to translate back into English
Questions on food
Vanilla cookies recipe
Pairwork miming task on leisure
New Year resolutions task
Work experience sheet
Word doc by Tracie to support the above
Holidays text for paired dictation
J'ai peur de l'avion (Cabrel song gapfill)
For display - notes on Adele + easy oral/written exercises
Road accident picture for creative story-telling
Health and fitness questions
Health questions writing task
Food and health counter game - thanks to Delyth Preston
Worksheets to go with Le Café des Rêves (by Felicity Stevens) - available on YouTube
Idea for lesson with French assistante
20 questions about "la rentrée des classes"
Matching listening or reading task on environment

Online food shopping with CHECK FIRST - edit if needed.

Daily routine interview
Holidays gap fill
20 questions game
Interdit ou permis?
Bulletin scolaire
Picture for storytelling
Geography crossword
Transports - pour et contre
Job application letter


Checklist of gap-fill exercise types you could do with listening texts
Checklist of dictation tasks


These tasks are to be read aloud, played or recorded by the teacher. Each one should take no more than 30 minutes, including correction. Select the headphone icon if you would like the ready-made text-to-speech recording (MP3).


Describing a TV series (Mr Robot)

Online ‘influencers’


Personal data protection online



Poverty in France

Ideal family


Healthy living

Cinema – describing a film (Interstellar)

Listening and translation bingo game – environment theme
Instructions for the above game


Healthy living

The Channel Tunnel NEW 25.10.22


Cinema – describing a film (Lion)

Describing a holiday


Describing a family

Describing a house

My school

My pastimes

TV series – Stranger Things


Opinions dictation/gap-fill
Greta Thunberg crosses the Atlantic by yacht


See the Y9 page for a collection of starters which may suit Y10-11 as well. They are easily adapted too.


7 images (also on Y9 page as a starter)


The worksheets linked to the website Audio Lingua have been moved to the Free Samples page.


A listening and pronunciation task
A listening and pronunciation task (PowerPoint to go with the above)
This resource was given to me by Sarah Shaw of


Aural gap-fill tasks


These sheets link to online videos. Print off the sheet and use in class or provide students with URL and they can work alone. Please do not share frenchteacher login with students.Always check that links work and that videos work on mobile devices.


Food Peppa Pig – les crêpes
Christmas – Peppa Pig – Noël
DIY – Papa Pig accroche une photo
Peppa Pig – une chasse au trésor
Peppa Pig – les avions en papier
Peppa Pig – premier jour de neige
Philippe describes his daily routine
Daily routine -Vishwa from India
Daily routine – Demanti from India
Daily routine – Satriniavo from Madagascar
Daily routine – Sarah from Haiti
Daily routine – Aya from Tunisia


Eating meat
Les Séquoias – a song by Pomme
A baby giant panda
What are nuclear power stations?
Fossil fuels (non-renewable energy)
Plastic waste in the ocean
Plastic waste in the ocean (2) – same source as above, different task
Plastic waste in the ocean (3)
Polar bears under threat (see written text on same)
What are fossil fuels?
Zero waste
Climate change explanation (hard!)
Sustainable development

Roller blading in Paris
Is the sun healthy? NEW 29.11.22
What’s in a cigarette?
Papa Pig fait de l’exercice
Reducing cancer risk through organic food?
Olympics 2024 opening ceremony plans
PE/sport in school

Cycling holiday in the Loire
Perfect tense – silly song Si t’as été à Tahiti
Peppa Pig goes camping
Visit to Venice
Balade à Porquerolles
A French camp site

What does an airline pilot do?
What does a vet do?
What does a dental assistant do?
A trainee nurse talks
Jobs – cartoon short film

Tags and graffiti

Animal rights
Bullying in school

Cheese exports
The blue jackal (sub-titled)
Film trailer for Bonobos (nice!)
Why learn French?
The French-speaking world
The French-speaking world (2)
Technology – Ariane rocket


Task-based activity – sédentaire ou actif?
Task-based activity – find out about Paris
Task-based activity – find out about tourism in France
Task-based activity – find out about F1 driver Charles Leclerc
Storytelling pair game (Perfect and Imperfect tenses)
Numbers lesson plan – The Price is Right


See the Y8 page for more situational dialogues.
Lesson plan for the dialogues below
TV (alternative version) NEW 21.12.22
Part-time jobs
Social networks
Theme parks
Holiday plans
Buying a house
Talking about a friend
Video games
Talking about your town


Climb the wall listening game – sport
Climb the wall listening game – pastimes
Handout: expressions with ‘bon’ and ‘bonne(s)’ NEW 12.1.23
Environment vocab

Men’s clothes vocab – web task

Environment crossword
Answers to the above
Environment crossword (2)
Town vocab

Reading – vocab

Car vocab

Car vocab (2)

Car vocab crossword

Airport vocab crossword

Transport vocab

Transport vocab crossword

Sport definitions crossword

Rugby terminology crossword

Time expressions crossword

TV and radio vocab

TV programme types

TV in France

Cinema vocab

School vocab

At school

School crossword

Computing terms crossword

Easy Fr-Eng translations on food

Countries and nationalities – code breaker

Countries and continents crossword

Nationalities and languages crossword

Countryside vocab crossword

Holidays crossword

In town – code breaker

Clothes crossword

Furniture crossword

Expressing opinions

Household chores – for display

Household chores – sondage

Lost property

Vocab list for silent customer game (see Games that Work)

Find the cheapest product at But – web task

Pairwork task on “argot”

Household objects – pairwork games

Baccalaureat vocab game

Personality adjectives – code breaker

Personality adjectives – crossword

Christmas presents


Set of 10 Question 8 grammar practice questions

GCSE from 2018

See the Adult Students page for set of situational dialogues + vocabulary. These can support your work on role-plays.

Foundation Tier

Knowledge organiser (for speaking and writing)

Knowledge organiser (for speaking and writing) – alternative version

A booklet of 17 sentence builders for speaking and writing revision

AQA-style role-plays

AQA-style photo card conversations

Photo card conversations

Photo card conversations (2)

AQA GCSE general conversation questions

AQA conversation questions as boardgames

100 translation sentences into French(with answers)

Reading exam (1)

Reading exam (2)

Reading exam (3)

Reading exam (4)

10 Foundation Tier translations into English (with answers)

How to write a good Foundation Tier essay (ppt)

How to write a good Foundation Tier essay (Word)

Higher Tier

Listening revision booklet

Knowledge organiser (for speaking and writing)

A booklet of 17 sentence builders for speaking and writing revision

AQA-style GCSE 2016 role-plays

AQA-style photo card conversations (Higher tier)

AQA-style GCSE photo card conversations (Higher tier) (2)

AQA general conversation questions

AQA conversation questions booklet in pairwork format
Edexcel conversation questions booklet in pairwork format
WJEC conversation questions booklet in pairwork format
AQA conversation questions as board games

20 Higher Tier translations into French (with answers)

10 Higher Tier translations into English (with answers)

A reading to writing task for essay writing (holidays)

Reading exam (Higher tier)

How to write a good Higher Tier essay (ppt)

Stick-in writing strips

How to write a good Higher Tier essay (Word)

Help sheet for developing range in essays

Set of 10 reading comp gapfills for GCSE/IGCSE.

Further set of 10 gapfills for GCSE/IGCSE (different format).

Higher GCSE style gapfill tasks Identifying attitudes – 100 statements.

Reading tasks for GCSE revision

Common written errors at GCSE

Other resources

50 French signs to explain- low intermediate to intermediate (Y9-11) (Word doc) (1).

50 French signs to explain – low intermediate to intermediate (Y9-11)(Word doc) (2).

50 French signs to explain (3) – low intermediate to intermediate (Y9-11)(Word doc).

50 French signs to explain (4) – low intermediate to intermediate (Y9-11)(Word doc).

50 French signs to explain (5)- low intermediate to intermediate (Y9-11)(Word doc).

Signs dominoes game

Powerpoint(1) of the second set of 50 signs.

Powerpoint (2) of another 50 signs.

Powerpoint (3) of another 50 signs.

Powerpoint (4) of another 50 signs.

Powerpoint (5) of yet another 50 signs.

Conversation game (thanks to MGS online)

Listening tasks based on Encore Tricolore 4

Help sheet for developing range in written CAs

GCSE written error checking exercise

Record and Self Evaluation sheet for British teachers (edit online)

Easy guide to writing a basic exam essay

Tips for GCSE Writing – stick in sheet


Healthy living

Holidays Free time