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I’ve just taken out a new subscription. Always amazed at the low cost for access to such a lot of excellent resources . Thank you .

Patricia Penny, Educational Leadership Coach, England

One of the best sites there is. It’s a snip at £25 that services hundreds of students each week. We pay £300 PER KID for an unnamed A level course that comes nowhere near. Top work Steve.

Teacher, British School, Abu Dhabi

It is probably the best resource bank for French in the Internet. Not only because it has ready-made stuff, but because it is also full of ideas I can use for the other languages I teach.

Ruth Bober, teacher in England

We continue to raid your site for countless materials over the course of the year and we are so grateful for your hard work and inventiveness.

Catherine McBride, Teacher, England

I am French, teach French in my school and I am happy to have found your site, such a help! And of great quality!

Marie-Pierre Ritz, teacher, UK

I love your site, it's always my first port of call if I'm looking for resources, especially for A level.
Keep up the good work!

Morag Eddyshaw, Teacher, UK

All teacher colleagues out there really should subscribe to Great quality,ready-made resources. Chapeau!

Henrietta Barnett Grammar School, England.

I have been using your site for many years and love it!

Jo Beamish, Head of MFL St Peter’s RC High School, England

A resource I simply couldn't live without in my day to day teaching. Have recommended to others on various courses- best £25 I've ever spent!

Laura French, Head of French, Lancing College, England

Thank you for providing such a fantastic website. You save us so much time and effort and are also a great source of inspiration.

Joanne Wallace, French tutor, Ripon, England

Your website is truly amazing. It has really enhanced my Y12 lessons.

Cécile Altinkalp, Ringwood High School, Hampshire, England

Once again, thank you for your excellent resources – they are absolutely invaluable to our students and us. I particularly like some of the new listening and reading materials you have
posted for A level practice – they are engaging, well-focused and interesting. I’m also finding your blog very useful – as a HoD your thoughts are a good starting point for some interesting and useful discussions in the department.

Ian Dalgleish, Head of Languages, King's School, Macclesfield, England

I have always loved your site so much and had many a successful/interesting lesson based on your fantastic thought-provoking materials! I teach at University in the USA and there is a real lack of high level materials/texts here - the A level ones are perfect and always so up to date - you do a fantastic job! Thanks so much for sharing!

Nicki Rutlin, French professor, University of South Carolina Aiken, USA

I have been using this site for several years now and found it invaluable for my AS and A level teaching – all the more so as I am the only teacher of this subject. A wonderful site!

Katharine Day, teacher, Paston Sixth Form College, England is a brilliant resource for busy teachers and is invaluable for us - very good value too! Thanks Steve for all your hard work!

Anne Swainston and Matthew Thomas-Peter, teachers at Ripon Grammar School, England

I just thought I'd let you know how much we are enjoying all the lovely new resources you are providing for adults - they are excellent and well appreciated.

Rosalynd Leveridge, adult tutor, England

I love your resources. I use them all the time to support really interactive activities with my SKE group (German and Spanish specialists improving their French) at the Institute of Education. Your texts and exercises are fantastic when copied and cut up alongside dice, buzzers, fly swats, random picker etc. They are a real life-saver to me and I recommend my teachers on the course to subscribe to the site.

Carmel O'Hagen, course tutor and subject leader at the institute of Education, London

We love your resources. Merci mille fois!, tutoring service

It's a wonderful site and invaluable resource!

Marc McKee, French teacher, Al Khor International School, Qatar is excellent value for money, well worth the £20! Keep up the good work.

Catherine Wilson Head of Spanish and teacher of French, New Hall School, Chelmsford, England

It's so reassuring to know that you are there to help us and thank you so much for your very interesting website. In Jamaica, we do not have much material for French at the various levels, especially the advanced level. I am indebted to you.

Rachel Hall, French teacher at deCarteret College, Mandeville, Jamaica.

I am a language tutor working from home and have come to rely on for a lot of my resources. Magnificent stuff. Thanks Steve!

Suzanne Kelly, French tutor, England

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed preparing my lessons today, thanks to you!
I think it's incredibly generous of you to have created this site for other teachers: it must have taken alot of time and hard work.

Katie Castanet, French tutor for adults, France

Thank you for sharing your wonderful resources.

Joanna Marchant, French teacher, England

I was delighted to find some time ago. The wealth of material is wonderful. I have made extensive use of the AS/A2 material, which is both relevant to the demands of examination boards and skillfully presented. It is now my first point of reference when looking for first-rate material.

Chris Heaven, Former Head of Modern Languages and A-level examiner, England.

I use on a weekly basis and it has formed a large part of my scheme of work for GCSE, AS and A2 French. I have used the website regularly since I discovered it over 5 years ago as the resources are tailor made for busy teachers. The texts and activities are well sourced, topical and interesting, highlighting key areas of vocabulary and grammar for students. The variety of imaginative tasks is stimulating for students and I have recommended the website to all MFL teachers. For only £20 year this really is an essential resource for any languages department and I thank Steve Smith for all support via this website.

James Hughes, Head of MFL, Wirral Grammar School for Boys, England

Thanks so much for the website. Its terrific! A great help! It has saved me hours of work and given me great ideas for the classroom.

Derval Dooley, French teacher from Ireland.

Your website is brilliant.

Catherine McBride, Head of Modern Languages, Ibstock Place School, England.

We very appreciate the wonderful resources you share on your website - they are very well used across all year groups at our school.  Many thanks for all your hard work.

Mary Ryan, Head of Modern Languages, St Francis' College, Hertfordshire, England.

Your resources are amazing.

Sue Nevins, Parr's Wood School, Manchester, England.

Thanks for all your hard work and fabulous resources all year – we use them a lot!

Noreen Graham, teacher, Kilkeel High School, Northern Ireland

What a great resource for teachers! Merci.

Shannon Wiebe, French teacher, Alberta, Canada.

I congratulate you warmly for the exceptional quality of your site. A dream for all French teachers!

Patrick Bringuier, French teacher, England

Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic website which I use all the time. I have been a classroom French teacher for 34 years and finally decided last year to leave the stresses and strains of school teaching behind and become a tutor from home. Your website has been a great help, not only for the panicky sixth formers but also the adult learners who want to pick up their French again.Thank you too for not being exorbitantly expensive!

Barbara Thomas, French tutor, St Albans, England.

Thank you so much for your hard work - subscribing to was the best thing I've done in ages!

Kathy John, prep school teacher, Norfolk, England.

Just to say thank you for all your excellent resources on I have just taken out a subscription and it is proving invaluable. Will highly recommend you to other A Level teachers. What a huge amount of work you have put in to develop these materials – highly appreciated. Merci mille fois.

Ruth Ainley, Read School, North Yorkshire, England

I have always found your website a godsend!

Claire Harris, French teacher, England. is the place to go for teaching resources, ideas, updates about France and information on MFL teaching. It's especially good for A Level.  I'd hate to be without it - it's well worth the very reasonable subscription!

Liza Stewart, Uplands Community College, East Sussex, England.

For me, has been a valuable source of material for several years. I have made regular use of the reliable and focussed AS/A2 materials, adapting exercises here and there. The reading articles are invariably appropriate and carefully exploited, with searching and open-ended questions. The grammar sections have provided me with ‘emergency’ packages for use in class and for independent study. My only regret is that I have not always explored the excellent links to other resource banks as fully as I might. I get a real sense of a holistic approach to language learning: comprehension, grammar and good writing and speaking practice are treated as complementary skills. I find this very refreshing; we can all spend too much time focussing on the very special and sometimes arbitrary demands of an exam paper. I wish Steve every success for the continued development of the website; he has the experience and ‘savoir-faire’ to provide terrific support to French teachers in all sectors and at all levels.

Richard Dawson, Head of Modern Languages, Exeter School, England.

I have been using for some years now and find it an invaluable resource, especially for A-level teaching. The A-level materials closely cover the required topics and provide a wealth of productive language practice. The materials at all levels show an imaginative approach to set topics and the texts with activities are accessible and interesting, with worthwhile tasks. There is a good range of grammar drills and activities which give the necessary practice which course books often fail to provide.

Ian Dalgleish, Head of MFL, King's School, Macclesfield, England

Very rich, very intelligently done , therefore, a lot of amazing material to use in class.  I highly recommended your site to all my students.

Patrick Bringuier, teacher in adult education, Kingston-upon-Thames, England.

We have been using '' at Ashcroft Technology Academy since July 2012. We have found the resources an invaluable accompaniment for our exam classes but, in particular, for our A level and IB classes, where there are excellent grammar sheets for all levels and authentic reading comprehensions. I especially like the Teacher's Guide which serves as a checklist for a recall on games in the MFL classroom as well as ways to teach film and literature. It is, of course, excellent value for money and would recommend it to any language teacher who is short of time.

Paulette Kavanagh, Curriculum Manager, MFL, England.

I use  for my lessons all the time and I find it very useful because it uses up to date articles and the exercises are interesting and relevant.

Christine Marshall, private tutor and part-time lecturer, Oxford University, England. is, without any doubt, where I most frequently seek resources and where I always find very high-quality materials and inspirational ideas for all Key Stage level language learners. The resources are very clearly organised into topic and level categories and include an impressively wide range of activities. From PowerPoint presentations to worksheets, the content spans formal grammar explanations and literature notes, topical reading comprehensions, games and useful links. Especially to my liking, and in contrast to many other websites offering Modern Foreign Languages resources, offers an extensive collection of grammar-related resources – even at the most advanced level - which provide seemingly endless practice and consolidation of classroom teaching. I only wish existed as well!

Caroline Herran, Head of Middle School French, University College School, London

I have been using for some years now and I find it indispensable and wouldn't want to be without it. I find the grammar drills especially useful. The reading comprehensions are great for classwork,  ready made homework or cover work. The A-level work is also extremely good. I would thoroughly recommend this site.

Sarah Tucay, Head of Modern Languages, England

I very much enjoy your worksheets for homework assignments and I have found the reading material at Y12-13 level invaluable when working with IB Diploma students

Penelope Austin, private French tutor, Hong Kong.

Your site has brilliant resources. It really is worth every penny of the £20. Thank you.

Mireille Slater, South Hunsley School and adult education tutor, England.

Your site is quite possible the best resource I have come across in many a year. The topics are relevant, of interest and are ideal for use with students. Everything is so well thought out that it's impossible to fail to learn! A fantastic resource devised and written by an experienced practitioner with a clear understanding of how people learn.

Wonderful!! Just wonderful!!

Very useful and engaging resources - keep them coming!

Thank you for this fantastic resource. Its an essential part of my teaching and keeps me inspired

I love your site!!! I use the grammar sheets a lot. I have just discovered your ppt, and have found them extremely useful. Maybe a slightly different lay-out of the main headings might make the site easier to use. But thank you so much for making all your resources available and at such a low cost. I will definitely renew in November.

Fantastic site with very up to date articles - much appreciated.

Has been a Godsend - thank you.

This site is great value and above all provides sound, original and instantly usable resources. The blogs are interesting and thought provoking.

As a HoD I often use the handbook pages and your blog with new staff - or if we just need a starting point for much needed discussion about methodology in our meetings. Personally I find reading those sections quite inspiring!

Our French department loves your website and know that your resources are always relevant and reliable.

As ever, Steve, your resources are brilliant. The whole department uses them for A level and KS4 in conjunction with our SoWs. The teacher's guide pages and your blog are invaluable. Excellent value for money.

Overall, this is a brilliant site and I don't know what I'd do without it!

This is a fantastic time-saver, the resources are well resourced, well planned and updated frequently. I particularly like the 6th form ones. A massive well done and I hope you will keep going a long time 🙂

Whenever I need material on a specific topic or grammar point. this site is my first port of call. I really value the fact that new material is added regularly.

Great website, very useful. Bravo!

Your website is the only one I would subscribe to if my budget was slashed to the bare minimum. It's not just useful, to me it's absolutely essential. Thank you!

Thank you for maintaining such an excellent website!

A comprehensive and invaluable source of demanding and stimulating material.

An outstanding series of resources that really make students think and respond.

Your website is great and has saved me more than once! Merci beaucoup!

This is a brilliant site. If I'm ever stuck for ideas, it's my first stop! I love the creativity.

Incredibly useful resource for A level with some intensive practice on most topics needed for AQA A level. Often includes answers for quick marking. Very thorough.

An excellent resource based on a sound and effective pedagogy which supports and challenges students.

An outstanding series of resources that really make students think and respond.

Great materials, reliable and interesting.

I LOVE your site!! Students enjoy the articles which are relevant to them. I love the variety of activities!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I love your site, especially the texts for A-Level. They touch upon the key topics that I use for my IB French course and help my students develop their vocabulary further.

Keep it up , we love it. Please more videos + worksheets. Also it would be nice to have a wider sample of cultural topic resources + essays.

This website is absolutely excellent, frequently updated and well worth the subscription fee. Definitely the best one going for French teachers!

A very fine resource, well constructed, easy to navigate and full of excellent materials. Very many thanks for making it availalble.

I love the blog and feeds which give all the interpretation of the MFL world. A real life-saver of a website which save hours of preparation.

Well worth the £20 - thank you so much for all you offer.

It's a great site and really helpful - thank you.

Fantastic site! Very useful resources. So practical for setting cover too.

A great website.

It's great! I wish I had more time to create resources which are so up to date. Thank you.

Congratulations on a great site and thanks for being so generous with free parts of it.

Absolutely brilliant stuff ! Love it!

Love it. I use French and Spanish frequently. Wish same existed for German.

Really love your site - it find it essential and will renew my membership.

The worksheets are just so useful, user-friendly and a godsend.

Steve, your site is fantastic and I couldn't live without it!

I love this site - thank you so much. A level teaching is considerable easier with your resources.

Love it! Easy, clear layout... cheap and regularly updated. Keep it as it is

Fabulous resources. Thank you.

A brilliant website. Well worth the very reaonable subscription. Very quick replies to e-mail enquiries.

This is such a fabulous site that.. I do think you could charge more. It rivals the sort of resources we pay £100 a year to subscribe to. Thanks for all your time and dedication.

Really great value. Thank you. I can always rely on the accuracy too, which is important.

I love the site. I think you do a great job.

The best value site around.

Steve, I love your work. It was your sharing that prompted me to upload my stuff onto the TES.

I think the A level resources are excellent, thank you - particularly of use have been the fact in Word as I have a visually impaired student so can easily change to 18 font. The worksheets are pitched quite high, which is fine for my more able students but often now I have mixed ability classes and lots of SEN - which aren't really catered for - I like the fact that A level resources updated regularly and everything is in accurate French - not the case often with TES resources - it's great value for money, thank you .

Thank you for your hard work; I use the site a lot. If there was a little more material for adults with a wider selection of topics it would be perfect!

Great site. The best! You should make a text book.

A really useful set of resources which are user friendly and great for teaching and learning.

I think the site is fantastic - thank you so much! The Yr 10/11 and A level resources give a much needed topical twist to our course.

I have found the site extremely helpful thanks to the huge variety of resources on offer. The video resources are popular with students who often find listening a difficult skill to master. Thank you so much for a most excellent site packed with varied and accurate resouces, and for the tireless work you put in developing it constantly.

Excellent source of material and very relevant. Good range of resources for all levels.

It's a really useful site, thank you - I really like the fact that there is often something new to look at.

Really good - so useful to extend A level vocabulary, really good translation texts.

I use the site a lot, especially since it's my first year teaching A level for a while. Glad I renewed my subscription.

Extremely useful, frequently updated, UN GRAND MERCI!!

Your website has been a life saver for me! As a private/adult education tutor (with no central resource bank), I work with a great range of ages and abilities and would never have the time to make all of my resources. I really don't know what I would do without this website! Thank you.

A fantastic resource, great value and reliably accurate, easy to use resources.

This site has made my job much easier. I am the only French teacher at my high school and teach all levels and it becomes overwhelming at times. I am happy to have these ressources. It saves me a lot of time.

I've been using this site frequently for many years now and find it invaluable. As the only teacher of French at a small sixth-form centre, I really appreciate having such a wealth of suitable materials available on one site.

Video listenings are great and set them for homework.

I love your website and find it well worth the money. It gives me lots of ideas of activities to develop (Peppa Cochon, for instance) and time-saving activities, and I simply would be lost without it!

World-beating set of resources!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site! The work is relevant and interesting to students!!!! Thank you for putting it all together!

This site is so incredibly useful. The thing I like best are the longer texts/videos which are on random interesting things which are linked to the topics of gcse/a-level, particularly with the English comprehension questions. Thank you so much for this amazing resource at an extremely reasonable price.


My thanks to you are long overdue! I have been using your wonderful site for about 5 years. Here in Kuwait it's often difficult to find appropriate resources so I'm doubly grateful! Many thanks!

I really appreciate the work you have put into this. It is ideal to help the very busy teacher. I love your verbs drill exercises in particular.

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