I love the resources and use many of them over and over again.

Ailsa Stuart, teacher, Victoria, Australia

I am amazed at the amount of work you have compiled - it is wonderful!

Caroline Colliss, teacher, Australia

Thanks also for the great resources you put on this website and for your contributions to the MFL teaching community worldwide - I certainly value them here in Malawi.

Tommy Izzett, teacher, Malawi

Our department is very grateful and enthusiastic about your website!

Stephen Booth, teacher Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, England

There is a wealth of wonderful resources there. My sincere thanks.

Anne Bennett Brisnan, teacher, Ireland

Thank you for all your work, this is such a great resource and always refreshed and updated. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering it !

Hilary de Joux, French teacher

I have been using your site for years and I am so grateful for it. Thank you so much for all the wonderful resources you have been and continue to produce for us all. Highly recommended!

Sophie Lewis, French teacher

Many thanks for all of your work. I LOVE your website and love how every so often you update your bank of resources. The best French website, in my eyes.

Emilie Dannis, teacher, England

I do a lot of private tutoring and the resources on your site have been invaluable.

Véronique Robine, private tutor, England

We love the site - can't live without it, total lifesaver!

Liz Corrigan, teacher, England.