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Contents - Year 9


PERFECT TENSE (passé composé)

See also the Year 8 page for many other perfect tense exercises.

POWERPOINT - regular -er verbs
Perfect tense
Perfect tense (avoir)
Perfect tense (avoir) - insert the right verb
Perfect tense (avoir) - insert the right verb (2)
Perfect tense regular -er ( avoir) - translation sentences
Perfect tense regular -ir/re ( avoir) - translation sentences
Perfect tense irregular( avoir) - translation sentences

Questions to practise perfect tense (être)
Perfect tense (être)
Perfect tense ( être) - translation sentences
Perfect tense (être) - agreements correction exercise

Perfect Tense (reflexives)
Perfect tense - reflexive verbs - translation sentences

POWERPOINT - various verbs
POWERPOINT - describing a holiday
Perfect tense (avoir and être) - agreements correction exercise
Perfect tense (various) - board game
Crossword - mixed verbs
Crossword - gap fill - mixed past participles
Crossword - mixed verbs gap fill
Answers to the above crossword
Crossword - phrases to translate
Perfect tense - mixed - translation sentences
Perfect tense - visit to Paris pictures
Perfect tense (avoir/être) info gap task
Paired dictation (avoir/être)
Questions in perfect tense
Questions in perfect tense with est-ce que
Oral drill to practise negatives and perfect tense



POWERPOINT: regular future
POWERPOINT: describing a holiday
Future tense questions
Paired dictation - future tense
Future tense sentences - insert the right verb
Moi en 2080 (Future)
Future tense crossword
Battleships grid - regular future
Battleships grid - irregular stem future
Battleships grid - mixed future
Next weekend battleships- mixed future
Graded translation sentences Eng-Fr


POWERPOINT introduction
Imperfect Tense - drill
Imperfect tense - drill (2)
Imperfect tense gapfill
Imperfect tense gapfill (harder)
Ecole primaire - imperfect tense model
Imperfect tense crossword
Imperfect tense text and exercises
Imperfect tense homework task
Worksheet for oral and written practice


Simple stick-in tense guide
Past, present and future tenses (1)
Past, present and future Tenses (2)
Past, Present and Future Tenses (3)
Three tenses crossword NEW 6.10.18
Past, Present and future with daily routine
Battleships grid for present, perfect, imperfect, near future and future
Easy dominoes for perfect, present and future tenses


POWERPOINT il faut/il ne faut pas with school rules.
Graded aller + infinitive translation sentences.
Superlatives crossword
Present tense
Negatives - present tense
Negatives - perfect tense
Yes/no game to practise negation


Irregular present tense verbs table
Imperfect tense
Future tense tense
Venir de + infinitive

See the Year 8 page for many more present tense exercises and other grammar topics (pronouns, adjectives etc).


Please check any links to online videos before you print off or use a listening worksheet. Check that videos play on mobile devices. Please do not share login details with students.

Peppa Pig – Polly va en vacances

Peppa Pig video – La fête de l’école

Peppa Pig – Maman travaille

Peppa Pig – A la plage

Peppa Pig  – Le grand aquarium

Trotro – Trotro fait de la peinture

Trotro – Trotro part en vacances 

Guided tour of Lyon

Describing a film – DekiruFrench/Youtube

Funny talking animals


Girl abandoned at motorway services 

Why can’t kangaroos walk? NEW 4.9.18

Fair trade 

Migrants to Europe 

Heroic charity walk 

Drunk man falls from third floor balcony


These texts and exercises have been chosen or adapted to suit lower intermediate students. They are usually short and contain many cognate words.

The three little pigs
The three little pigs – easier sheet
An amazing archeological discovery
Taskmagic gap fill on above Forum post from
Guy Fawkes and bonfire night
Lionel Messi
Gareth Bale

DNA – questions in English

Greenhouse effect
Astronomy – super-Earths!
Taxi-bikes in Nantes
Healthy eating
Oceans under threat
Global warming
Chat rooms
Becoming a vet


Stick-in vocab – just print off and cut out!
Baccalaureat vocab game
Vacances – déchiffrez le code
Valise de vacances – déchiffrez le code
Shopping online for a walking holiday
Weather crossword
Inventaire de cuisine – déchiffrez le code
Restaurant crossword
Dans la cuisine – définitions
Hobbies crossword
Sports crossword
Physical descriptions – powerpoint
Quel métier?
Quel métier? (2)
Jobs crossword
Character adjectives
Guess the job pair game


20 reasons to learn a language
Tennis pairwork game
Notes on Andy Murray for display
Web task: hiring a gîte
10 standby dictations
Y9 oral questions for old NC levels
Hotel reservation role-play
Pupil survey sheet – good for self-evaluation!
Ecole – gapfill/writing frame
Restaurant dialogue and notes
Describing my school template
Campsite dialogue and vocabulary
En vacances – template for written and oral work