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Updated July 2020
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Royal Grammar School High Wycombe's (UK) excellent and attractive Languages Online site has a wide range of Hot Potato and Spellmaster exercises for all levels. Strongly recommended.

Older students will appreciate the accuracy, humour and comprehensiveness of the well-established Tex's French Grammar site, from the University of Texas, USA. The site includes mp3 files exemplifying grammatical structures.

CCDMD (Ca) has attractive interactive exercises for advanced students. has a good range of Hot Potato exercises and games. Goes well with the Expo course but the Hotpots won't work on your iPad.

Bescherelle (Fr) has verb tense guides for reference, but also interactive dictations, a few games and some interactive grammar "quizzes". Good for intermediate and above.

Franç (Fr) has a menu of interactive grammar activities contributed by various teachers. Not the best visually, but worth checking out. Good for intermediate or advanced independent revision/practice.

Ortholud (Fr) is aimed at primary French children, but this section has useful grammar revision exercises for intermediate/advanced level learners of FLE.

ToLearnFrench (Fr) is a mine of all sorts of interactive exercises. Old-fashioned appearance, but lots of content at all levels.

En bons termes (USA) These interactive exercises go with the En bons termes course by Pearson Education. Could be good for general revision for intermediate and advanced students.

The University of Virginia (USA) "A vos plumes" by Alison Murray Levine has a good list of gap fill exercises.

French Grammar Central (USA) is really a links page to grammar exercises elsewhere. Useful though.

There are useful, graded exercises at the ABCFrançais (Fr) site.

Have a look at Jim Becker's list on his excellent links page. Jim is Emeritus Professor at Iowa University. You might wish to wear sunglasses when viewing his site.

French Grammar Resources (Fr) contains interactive grammar activities for various levels, as well as material for listening and reading (see below).

The Langue Française (Ru) site has a 50 self-test questions on French grammar. Good for high intermediate or advanced.




Bonjour de France (Fr) has a large number of interactive tasks and lesson ideas, searchable under various headings including grammar, comprehension, worksheets and games.

French Revision with Eileen (Thai) has a growing collection of audio and video resources with worksheets and transcripts. The video is much harder. NEW 18.11.19

The Zut (UK) site - a reasonably well designed and useful site - you pay to register for use between 9.00 and 16.00 (UK time). New resources are being added to help meet requirements of new KS3 syllabus in England and Wales.

WJEC Digital Resources (UK) has reading and listening material, mainly for KS4. Some can be done online, some need downloading to a computer. Select French from the menu.

French for Free is part of the frenchspanishonline site. It contains a mine of useful reference material, including copious vocabulary lists (with audio), Youtube explanations of grammar points and material specifically aimed at GCSE students, including scripted recordings of GCSE style presentations. Themed vocabulary sections have interactive elements e.g. multi-choice quizzes and matching tasks.

Exercices de français pour étrangers has a good range of interactive listening material based on news items, songs etc. Good to recommend for independent work.

French Amis is a really interesting site by Sophie DePons featuring a wide range of interactive resources: listening, reading and some grammar. Well worth a look.

Textivate (UK) is from Martin Lapworth. You can create a range of browser based interactive exercises to save or share with other teachers. Easy to use. Premium features require a subscription.

France Bienvenue (Fr) has short videos with accompanying scripts. Good for advanced level listening.

Conversations Mises à Jour (USA) is from the University of Texas, home of Tex's French Grammar. There are a large number of videoed conversations based on three general themes. They come with vocab and transcripts. Good for advanced level. Recommended.

Audio Lingua (Fr) has an archive of short audio clips at various levels. Clips can be downloaded or listened to online. Recommended.

Ilini (UK) has topical video clips for advanced level. They come with parallel text transcripts. NEW 27.6.17

Frenchinaclick (UK) has now become a free subscription site. It has a variety of activities and games at various levels.

Text to Speech ) (USA) is one of several sites which allow students to type in text and hear it back in French. It would be a great help for students preparing for oral presentations or conversations.

The Languages Online (Aus) site has a lot of material, some interactive with good sound, some to be printed off. Looks good.

The Ashcombe School (UK) in Surrey, UK, has produced a brilliant site which combines, for example, video clips with Hot Potatoes. This keeps classes very quiet and productive if that's what you like! The sound quality could be better. Chapeau!

Français Extra (UK) has various activities including listening tasks with virtual characters.

Insuf-fle (Fr) has all sorts of resources. Slightly messy interface, but plenty to explore.

French Games (UK) has simple games such as pelmanism and hangman for beginners and near beginners. A wide range of basic topics is covered.

TheAbout (USA) site has good advanced listening resources.

BBC Talk French (UK) has a menu of videos you could show in class or which pupils could use on their own with headphones. Recommended.

PubsTV (Fr) has archived TV commercials from around the world.

Europe 1 (Fr) has podcasts for advanced listening.

Canal Académie (Fr) has advanced level listening extracts with exercises. Good for A2 level or beyond.

TV5 Monde(Fr) has excellent video clips with accompanying worksheets for advanced learners. The "Cités du Monde section is very good.

RFI(Fr) has radio extracts in easier French for advanced learners along with interactive exercises.

Euronews has TV news clips with transcriptsfor advanced learners.

Rachel's French Trip0023FranceTVeducation (Fr) (once including has archived TV broadcasts for advanced level. (Fr) has archived videos on scientific subjects for advanced level. Difficult, but some videos are subtitled in French.

France 24 has archived video clips from the news.

France 2 has its own TV news clips to watch and listen to.

La Réclame has French adverts along with others from around the world.

TheINA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) (Fr) has a marvellous historical archive of clips from French TV and radio on all sorts of topics. This site may be for the pleasure of the teacher more than school students, but it has fascinating videos which could be viewed by advanced level and university students. Parts of the videos are free.

The GABFLE (Fr) blog has good listening material.

DailyFrenchPod (UK) has a selection of podcasts, spoken at a slow pace. A subscription is needed to access the whole site.

Quizlet (USA) has vocabulary flashcards to play games with. Not bad for personal student use.

20 Minutes Video Portal (Ch) has a searchable archive of news reports from Switzerland.

PodcastFrancaisFacile has podcast lessons.

TF1(Fr) , a major French TV company, has archived news clips you can stream, as well as live news, weather forecasts and so on. There is a good search facility.

TeacherTube has videos in French to watch. The quality is variable!

Carmen Vera Pérez (Sp) has produced a fabulous range of hotpot activities for various levels. What an achievement!

Hello-World (USA) has songs, games and interactive activities. Good for near beginners and low intermediate.

BBC (UK)). The GCSE Bitesize tasks, including practice listening tests, are very good.

The BBC French (UK) pages have crosswords, video and listening material, mainly situational in nature, but very professional.