50 Lesson Plans

On this page purchasers of my book 50 Lesson Plans for French Teachers: Step by Step will find the accompanying slides for the step-by-step lesson descriptions. Other resources can be photocopied from the book to hand out to students.

Lesson 1
PowerPoint: School subjects

Lesson 2
Animals - single slide
Sentence builder: Which animals do you like and why? (masculine)

Lesson 4
PowerPoint: Phonics (nasal vowel sounds and spellings)

Lesson 7
Powerpoint: Kim's game - clothing

Lesson 8
Listen and colour in

Lesson 9
Powerpoint with sentence builder: comparing dogs

Lesson 10
Sentence builder: Food and drink preferences

Lesson 13
Sentence builder: My best friend

Lesson 16
PowerPoint: future tense

Lesson 17

Lesson 19

Lesson 21
PowerPoint - a weekend in Paris

Lesson 23
Family and friends - knowledge organiser

Lesson 39
PowerPoint slide: Two boys picture for storytelling

Lesson 40
PowerPoint: Vacances aux Etats-Unis

Lesson 48
The missing exercises from Lesson 48