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Grammar exercises
England and Wales exam preparation
Texts with exercises
Video listening
Film and literature


NEW FROM 9.1.24
This section will be regularly updated with resources being removed and replaced.
Video lstening: two very elderly Americans get married during D-Day commemorations 9.6.24 Lovely!
Riots in New Caledonia 16.5.24
Commemoration of the end of slavery 12.5.24
Fewer festivals in 2024? 26.4.24
Prison overcrowding at record levels in France 14.4.24


Contains 6 listening and 6 reading/writing resources from this page



See the Y10-11 page for more grammar exercises which may be useful for A-level revision.

AS grammar booklet
This booklet contains 14 cloze and multi-choice exercises. All answers supplied. Low advanced level (AS).
Working out gender
Six verb table grids to complete - 'Top 15 verbs'
Six more verb table grids to complete
Present tense irregulars crossword (1)
Present tense irregulars crossword (2)
Distinguishing perfect and imperfect tenses
Time expressions
Using infinitives
Tense revision - Eng-French translation
More verb tenses
Negatives (2)
General grammar revision
P.D.O. agreements
Celui, celle, ceux, celles
Perfect and imperfect tenses together
Depuis, pendant, pour, il y a
SI clauses
SI clauses - 20 slides (multi-choice)
SI clauses crossword
SI clauses - pluperfect/conditional perfect
More tense practice
Passive voice
Passive voice (more examples)
Passive - two translation dice games
Two active-passive conversion dice games
Direct and Indirect Speech
Relative pronouns
Using dont
Using dont - translation + notes to display NEW 16.6.24
Auquel, duquel etc
Verbs followed by à, de or nothing (2 dice games)
Conditional perfect
Rough guide to modal verbs
A-level grammar revision sentences to translate
Answers to the above sentences.
A-level grammar revision sentences to translate (harder ones)

Subjunctive lesson plan by Sarah Shaw

Resources for the above lesson plan (some cutting out needed for student cards)
Part 1: Summary of triggers for the subjunctive (PowerPoint slide)
Conjunctions (PowerPoint slide)
Part 1 and 3-1. Triggers and Conjugated Verbs
Part 4: Infinitive verbs
Part 5: Reading activity

Present subjunctive - regular
Present subjunctive - irregular
Je veux que.. il ne faut pas que..
Oral/written drills Supplemented and updated 28.11.23
Oral/written drills (2) Supplemented and updated 28.11.23
Subjunctive or not?
Subjunctive crossword
4 boardgames (translation)
Sentences to translate


Subjunctive - formation and uses
Modal verbs - summary of meanings
Passive voice
Past historic tense


These are aimed at A-level (Year 2) students (age 17-18).

English - French

Water poverty
Benefits and challenges of free movement of labour in the EU
Benefits of immigration
Deaths from air pollution
Nelson Mandela
Jules et Jim 1
Jules et Jim 2

French - English

Extract from Candide, ou l'optimisme
Multiculturalism and integration
The cartoon book market in France
Slow Food
Jules et Jim
Volunteering (see parallel gapped version below)
Rationing during the occupation
Internet (see parallel gapped version below)
Poverty in France
Music industry in France
Prisons in France (see gapped version below)

Parallel gapped translations
Stories of divorce
Fighting sexting and cyber-bullying in Quebec
The Marsoulas massacre (2nd World War)
Tourism in France
Slavery in Martinique


An introduction to teaching A-level

AS-level (Year 1 of A-level course)

82 page revision booklet (AQA listening and reading)
57 page revision booklet (Edexcel listening and reading)
64 page revision booklet (Eduqas/WJEC listening and reading)
AQA vocab and oral questions booklet
Edexcel vocab and oral questions booklet
Eduqas/WJEC vocab and oral questions booklet
Vocabulary booklet for the AQA specification (Year 1)
Vocabulary booklet for the Pearson Edexcel specification (Year 1)
Vocabulary booklet for the Eduqas/WJEC specification (Year 1)
Six translations into French with stimulus texts
Essay writing guide (AQA)
Essay writing guide (Pearson Edexcel)
Essay language
Two model summary tasks
Vocab list on statistics and comparisons

A-level (Year 2 of A-level course)
IRP ideas (Individual Research Project)
56 page revision booklet (AQA listening and reading)
49 page revision booklet (Edexcel listening and reading)
Vocabulary booklet (AQA)
Vocabulary booklet (Edexcel)
Vocabulary booklet (Eduqas/WJEC)
Sub-theme conversation booklet (AQA)
Sub-theme conversation booklet (Edexcel)
Sub-theme conversation booklet (Eduqas/WJEC)
Booklet of 10 stimulus cards (AQA
AO4 Knowledge portfolio (AQA) Updated 2023
AO4 Knowledge portfolio (Edexcel) Updated 2023
AO4 Knowledge portfolio (Eduqas/WJEC)
Eduqas/WJEC Q4 gap-fill - booklet of 5
A-Z list of jobs
Booklet of 10 translations into English with answers (AQA)
Booklet of 10 translations into English with answers (Edexcel)
Booklet of 10 translations into English with answers (Eduqas/WJEC)
A-level (Year 2) Eng-French 100 translation sentences
A-level (Year 2) Eng-French 100 more translation sentences
A-level (Year 2) Eng-French 50 (hard) translation sentences
A-level (Year 2) translation sentences
Improving summary technique
Sentence paraphrasing
Verbs to nouns crossword (1)
Verbs to nouns crossword (2)
Adjectives to nouns crossword
Word morphology grid (1)
Word morphology grid (2)
Word morphology grid (3)
Word morphology grid (4)
Word morphology crossword (1)
Word morphology crossword (2)
Word morphology crossword (3)
Answer key for the above three crosswords
Verb revision task
Proverbs and sayings task
Developing richer language for AO3
Better verbs for essays
A-level vocab list
List of general essay phrases and other vocab
Shorter list of film/lit essay phrases
Proverbs and sayings task
Record and Self-Evaluation Sheet for UK teachers (edit online)


The decline of marriage
Becoming an entrepreneur


Teacher's guide to using texts with exercises


Families in France 2021 (INSEE) (A)
Single parent families in France (AS) Updated 16.6.24
Family life after divorce (AS/A) Updated
Charline's story as a child brought up by two mums (A)
Prostitution of minors, inc case studies (A)
Population and family in 2020 (AS)
Being a single mum, but in a couple (AS)
Effect of digital tech on families (A) Updated 2023
Abuse against women in France (A) Updated 2023
Household chores (AS) Updated 2023
Household chores and divorce rates (AS) Updated 2023
Living alone (AS) Updated 2023
Secrets of a successful marriage (AS) Updated 2023
The decline of marriage in France (AS/A) Updated 2023
Marriage and health (AS) Updated 2023
Gay marriage (A)


A project to counter cyberbullying, sexting etc in Quebec (AS/A) Updated 18.6.24
A bill to ban social media to under 15s (A)NEW 27.5.24
Arrest of a 19 year-old for cyber-attacks on schools 28.3.24
When fake news becomes a business (AS)
"Sextorsion" (AS/A) NEW 25.2.24
Online scams (false GoFundMe-style collections) (AS/A)
QR code scams in France (AS) Updated 12.10.23
Macron's 2021 plan to reduce online bullying in schools (AS)
A proposal to use AI to catch offenders on public transport in Paris (AS/A)
French fake news sites (A)
Banning mobile phones in school(AS/A)
Harris survey of social media use in France(AS/A) Updated 2023
Internet shopping (AS) Rewritten/updated 2023
Internet use in France (AS) Rewritten/updated 2023
Online bullying (AS) Updated 2023
Reading task on web sites (AS)
Video games (AS)
Pros and cons of AI (AS/A)
Internet dating (AS) Updated 2023
Gap fill for above
Mobile phones in school (AS/A) Updated 2023


Voluntary work (AS)
Volunteer's story (AS/A) Updated 2023
Four volunteer stories (gap-fills) (AS/A)
Volunteering in 2022 (+ lesson plan) (A)


Bilingual schools in Brittany(AS)
Merlan -an unusual housing estate(A)
Culture of the Basque country(AS)
For and against bullfighting (AS)
History of slavery in Guadeloupe (AS)
9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in France (A) Gustave Eiffel - life and heritage (A)
5 passages for dictation or translation on places of interest
Puy du Fou - Tripadvisor (AS/A)
Angoulême cartoon book festival - Tripadvisor (AS/A)
Mémorial Acte slavery museum, Guadeloupe - Tripadvisor (AS/A)
The Cité du Vin in Bordeaux (AS)
Tourism - pros and cons (AS) Updated 2023
Holidays quiz (AS)
Tourism in France (AS) Updated 2023
Which holiday destination? - matching task (AS)
Musée d'Orsay comprehension (AS)
Favourite food in France (AS) Updated 2023


The vinyl renaissance in France (A) NEW 21.4.24
Three French singers (AS/A)
Three French singers (easier) (AS)
Two singers (Zaz and Pomme) (AS
Stromae (AS) Updated 2023
French music industry (AS)
Music and personality/intelligence (AS)
Music industry and streaming in France (A) Updated 2023


The French cinema industry in 2022 (A)
French cinema: unprofitable movies supported by subsidies (A)
Review of La Haine with questions (A)
La Haine - 25 years on (A)
Gap fill summary of Au Revoir les Enfants by Louis Malle (AS)
Omar Sy (AS)
French cinema subsidies (AS/A)
Film review - Gravity (AS)
Film summaries and reviews - matching task (AS)
Top 10 sea movies - matching task and vocabulary (AS)
Why do sad films make us feel better? (AS)
New Wave French cinema (AS)


TV or internet: what do people prefer? (AS)
Screen usage by very young children (2023) (AS)
TV and children's behaviour (AS) Updated 2023
TV series or films - which do you prefer? (AS) Updated 2023
Binge watching (AS) Updated 2023
Forum reviews of TV series Les Revenants (AS)
TV/screens and childhood obesity (AS) Updated 2023


Work-related stress (AS) Updated 2023
Insecure jobs: three stories (AS)
Setting up new businesses (A)
Working time in France (AS/A)
Discrimination during job interviews (AS/A)


Ability grouping in French classes from September 2024 15.3.24
Education reforms announced in France 21.1.24
Bac reform - description(A)
The 'abaya' banned in schools from September 2023(A)
A 2023 plan to counter bullying in French schools (AS/A)
School uniform being tried out (A)
2024 introduction of ability groups ('sets') (A)
Bac reform 2019-20 - one student's view(AS/A)
The new grand oral (A)
Why are girls given better grades than boys? (AS)
School uniform in France (AS)
French education system (AS)
Bullying in school (AS)
Bullying in school (AS)
Error correction exercise for bullying text (AS)
Exam revision and health (AS) Updated 2023
Stressed-out teachers (AS) Updated 2023
For or against private schools (AS)
Should teachers give zeros? (A)
Social background and educational achievement (A) Updated 2023


French teens' identity and YouTube (AS)
Young teenagers working in Quebec (AS)
Are branded clothes too expensive? (AS) Updated 2023
Gap fill 1 for above
Gap fill 2 for above
Gap fill 3 for above
Ordering task for above
Employing very thin fashion models (AS/A) Rewritten 2023


An autistic boy's story (A)
Identifying as trans (A)
The experience of a disabled person
Women footballers banned from wearing the veil (A)
Lack of diversity on French TV (2019 report)
A trans story (A)
Travellers (gens du voyage)(A)
Rise in homophobic attacks in France (A)
Homophobia - case histories (AS/A) Updated 2023
Homophobia - figures from 2019 (A)


Zero discrimination day - March 1st 29.2.24
Report on racism in Quebec workplaces 5.2.24
A Belgian immigrant mum tells her story (A)
A migrant from Afghanistan tells his story (A) NEW 24.4.24
Immigration figures for France in 2022 (A)
Harkis (Algerians recruited by the French army to fight in the Algerian war) (A)
Attitudes to immigration in Quebec (A)
Antisemitism and islamophobia (A)
Antisemitism in France in 2021 (A)
Republican ideals under pressure (A)
Immigration and integration (A) Updated 2023
Personal accounts of African migrants (A)
Burqa law (A) Updated 2023
Burkini (A)
Grenoble allows women to wear the burkini in its swimming pools(A)
Fatima's story of discrimination (A)
Racist attack in the Gard (AS/A) Updated 2023
Racial discrimination (A)
SOS-Racisme secretly investigates racism (A)
The rise of antisemitic acts in late 2023 (A) NEW 8.11.23


Why are young people voting less? (A)
Three principles of laïcité (A)
Withdrawing benefits from families of juvenile delinquents (A)
Young people striking for the planet (A)
Trade unionism in France (A)
Young people striking for the planet (2) (A)
A gilet jaune gives her account (A)
The rise of Emmanuel Macron (A)
Demonstrations (1) (A)
Demonstrations (2) (A)
Young people's engagement with politics (A)
Key dates in the history of the EU (A)
Free movement across the EU (A)
Migration - photo discussion and translation (A)
French electoral system, leaders and parties (A)
Notes on French political system(A)
Explaining left and right in politics (A)
The far right in France - introduction(A)
The rise of the far right in France(A)


The state of prisons in 2022 (A)
Electronic tag use and prisoner numbers both on the rise in 2022 (A)
The care of inmates with psychological issues (A)
A prisoner's blog entry (A)
A woman's remarkable story (A)
Ankle tags to stop harassment against women (A)
Specific problems of women prisoners (A)
Prisons in France (A)
Prison crisis in France (A)
Death penalty - for or against (A)
Prison overcrowding in France in 2022 (A) Updated 2023
Inequalities for women in French prisons (A)


Homeless crisis (A) Updated 2023
Housing crisis 2023 (A) NEW 16.11.23
The housing crisis in France (A) NEW 3.10.23
Homelesseness in Quebec (A)
Living on the street (A)
Food poverty in France (A)
Using sports halls to house homeless in winter (A)
A homeless woman's story (A)


Four women recall the occupation (A)
Memories of the occupation (A)
Resistance: key dates and events (A)
The Oradour massacre (see video listening task too) (A)
Three pro nazi collaborators (A)
The Marsoulas massacre (A)


Facts and figures help sheet (AS)
Space exploration (A)
Space exploration (2) (A)
Interview with a French astronaut (A)


Climate change - effects of a +4 degrees temperature rise by 2060
Rain forests and global warming
Gap fill on above
Text matching task on above
Deforestation and reforestation
Deaths from air pollution
Starter activity on energy


Life in the suburbs - feeling abandoned
Universal national service (SNU)
Stereotypes and prejudices
Interview with a fashion designer
Video surveillance - for or against
Abuse of the elderly
Legalising euthanasia


Violence against women
Women in France
Female genital mutilation
Women's rights - mini dossier
Casual sexism
Prostitution - a prostitute's account


Legalisation of c****bis
Drug taking in sport
Olympic Games
Football terms crossword - not a text
The French and alcohol
The French and alcohol (2)
Health questionnaire task
The potato!
Risks of eating red meat
Stress - forum answers and comprehension
Matching task for above
Listening task to go with above
Do overweight people live longer?
Organic products - pros and cons


World poverty
World water shortage
Effects of climate change on poorer nations
Child labour




AS level texts
Weird news items reading task
Origins of Christmas
Faits divers with focus on passive
Faits divers headlines task + writing/oral work
Four strange news stories
Interview with a pediatric surgeon
Football vocab list - advanced!
Some faits divers with exercises on the passive
Haunted house story
Mexican fishermen story
Gap-fill task for comprehension and grammar (based on a fait divers)


These can be read by the teacher, recorded or played aloud if you see a headphone icon. The recordings were made using text-to-speech software, so are well-paced, well pronounced and clear, but lack really authentic intonation. Each task should take about 30 minutes, including correcting. You could also use these as A-level paraphrase sources. Some are designed as lectures for note-taking on areas of cultural interest.

Mobile phones (AS)

Young people and politics (A)

Review of the film La Haine (A)
Food insecurity (A)

Laïcité (French secularism) (A)

Women living alone (A)

The French Resistance (A)

The Basque country – lecture (A)

The French Resistance – gap-fill version (A)

Stromae (lecture) (A)

Impressionism (lecture) (A)

The Rassemblement national (Front national) (lecture) (A)

Living alone (A)

Living alone – gap-fill version (A)

French new wave (lecture) (A)

Prisons in France (A)

Volunteering (AS)

Volunteering – gap-fill version (AS)


Worksheets linked to France Info and other authentic recordings. LINKS CHECKED 21.6.24

The right to strike in France (A)

A personal account of racism (A)

Wearing the veil at university (A)

Tablets and smartphones (AS)

National heritage days (AS/A)

Internet shopping (AS)

Internet shopping (2) (AS)

Tina and Laetitia talking about films (AS/A)

Seasonal jobs (AS)

Beach festival (AS)

The Puy du Fou (AS/A)

Corsican food (AS/A)


You can print off for students to work independently (e.g. for homework) or do them as a teacher-led task in class. Links to source videos are on the sheets. Always check beforehand that video links work! Also check whether a video works on a mobile device. Beware: some videos may not work in your geographical location if you are outside the UK. Please do not let students work straight from the frenchteacher site as logins are not to be shared with students (see Ts and Cs). Do let me know if any video links no longer work.


FAMILY Links checked 14.10.23 (The Sorina video has been removed by Arte)

Reconstituted/blended families figures (AS)

Daily life of a single mum (AS)

Interviews about love and marriage – from Le Français Interactif (Texas Uni) (AS)

Law changes for single parent families (A)
Single parent families faced with the cost of living crisis (A) NEW 1.5.23
Paternity leave – from 1jour1question (AS)

Equal marriage – from YouTube/1jour1question

Te ressembler by Francis Cabrel (2020)- listen and translate

EDUCATION Links checked 14.10.23

Emmanuel Macron talks about bullying at school – from YouTube/Huffington Post (AS/A)

A girl removed from school for fear of bullying – from France TV Infos (AS/A) NEW 23.9.23
Student poverty (also part of poverty and volunteering themes)(A)

Bullying at school – from Youtube/1jour1question (AS)

A ‘collège militaire’ – from YouTube/France Télévisions (AS/A)

NSU (National Service) – from YouTube/1jour1question (A)

Home schooling – from Brut/France Info (AS)

The bac exam – from 1jour1question (2018) (AS)

Why continue with your education? – from Le Monde/YouTube (A)

Bullying at school – from

Interview with former military school student – from YouTube

ADOLESCENCE Links checked 14.10.23
A teenager at school in Montreal – from YouTube (AS)

Who decides which clothes are fashionable? – from Milanpresse/Vimeo (AS)

Tattoos – from Updated 2023

CINEMA Links checked 14.10.23 (2 resources removed)

Lumière brothers – invention of cinema – from ijour1question (AS)
Analysis of La Haine – from YouTube (A) NEW 4.9.23
The job of réalisateur – from YouTube (AS)
Two students talking about films (AS)

Introduction to the nouvelle vague (AS/A)

Christelle talks about a film (no video) (AS)

Review of La Haine (gap-fill) (AS/A)

MUSIC Links checked 14.10.23 La Corrida sheet removed

Si jamais j’oublie (Song by Zaz) from YouTube (AS)
Who is Aya Nakamura? From 1jour1question (AS) NEW 4.6.24
Sans toi (Song by Pomme) from YouTube (AS/A)

La terre est ronde (Song by Orelsan) from YouTube (AS)

Johnny Halliday from 1jour1question (AS)

The Elrow festival of electronic music from France 3/YouTube (AS)

Je ne regrette rien (Song by Edith Piaf) from Youtube (AS)

Derniers Baisers – holidays topic (Song by Laurent Voulzy) from YouTube (AS)

Savoir aimer (song by Florent Pagny) – from YouTube (AS)

Hors saison (song by Francis Cabrel) – from YouTube (AS)

Te ressembler (song by Francis Cabrel) – from YouTube (A)

Frontières – song by Yannick Noah from YouTube (AS)

Aux Arbres Citoyens by Yannick Noah – from Vevo/Youtube

Bonne et heureuse année – from YouTube

VOLUNTEERING Links checked 14.10.23

Restos du coeur – from Youtube (AS)

Les épiciers de l’estuaire – from France Info TV (AS)

Share Ami – from Oldyssey/Youtube (AS)

A charity which collects and redistributes food waste from markets – from France Info TV (A)

Restos du coeur (2) – from 1jour1question/YouTube (AS)

Restos du coeur (3) – from TV8Clermont/YouTube/

Voluntary work – from Youtube

An app to help the homeless Youtube (AS/A) (Replaces the Elodie sheet, video deleted)

Interview with a young volunteer – from Youtube (AS)

La Ligue contre le cancer – from La Ligue contre le cancer/Youtube

An app for linking volunteers with the elderly in Paris – from CNews/YouTube


Société connectée – a system for detecting falls in a residence for the elderly – from F3/YouTube

Internet safety – from YouTube (AS)
Digital illiteracy – from YouTube (A) NEW 14.10.23
Actress Marion Séclin talks about cyber-bullying – from YouTube (A)

Social media: a failed democratic tool? – from from France Télévisions/YouTube (A)


The 10 most popular dishes in France 2022(AS/A)
Portrait d’enfant: Gabriellu en Corse(AS) NEW 17.10.23
The baguette recognised by UNESCO(AS)
The 50th festival of cartoon books in Angoulême – from France 24/YouTube (A)
The Dunkerque carnival – from France Info (AS/A)
Physical heritage (buildings)(A)
How are projects carried out in regional natural parks?(A)
Buildings financed by slavery (Elysée Palace)(AS/A)
House price boom in Brittany(AS)

Olympics 2024 opening ceremony plans(AS)

Notre-Dame – from 1jour1question(AS/A)

The festival of Aïd (A)

The Eiffel Tower – from YouTube/Tout Paris en Vidéo (AS)

The musée de l’Homme in Paris – from France 24/YouTube/ (A)

The perfume industry in Grasse – from France 24/YouTube/ (A)

The Elixir rock festival – from YouTube/ (A)

Mémorial de Caen – from France 4/YouTube (A)

The tour Saint-Jacques in Paris – from YouTube/BFM TV

The Cannes Film Festival – from YouTube/Le Monde

Christmas in France – from YouTube/Nottingham High School (AS)


May 68 – from Euronews (A)
Daily life of a farmer (AS/A)
Home care assistants – from YouTube (A)
What is a strike? (AS)
Seasonal jobs on the Ile de Ré(AS)
Strikes (harder than above) (AS/A)
Racial discrimination in the workplace (A)

Unemployment figures – from Le Monde/YouTube (A/AS)

Béatrice talks about her job – from Dailymotion (AS)

Wage inequalities – from FranceTV Education/YouTube (A)

Job interview advice – from YouTube
Forensic pathology – from (AS)


Prisons in France (A) (France 24/YouTube) (A)
A Belgian prison guard explains her job (SPF Justice/YouTube) (AS/A)
Electronic tags (A)

Daily life of a prison warder (A)

Overcrowding at St Brieuc prison (A)

Prison reform – one initiative (A)


Stereotypes – from Vimeo/1jour1actu (AS)
French lessons for new immigrants to Quebec (AS/A)
What is antisemitism? – from 1jour1question (A)
A young woman defends her right to wear a full veil in public – from YouTube (A)
National stereotypes – from cé

Homophobia – from GrandLille TV/YouTube


Poor housing for families – from France 2(A)
What is mixité sociale? – from 1jour1question(A) NEW 2.11.23
Elvis – a child living on the streets -from Arte(A) NEW 28.10.23
Helping the poorest feed themselves – from France Info(A)

Poor housing for low paid workers – from France Info/Envoyé Spécial(A)

Solidarity – from 1jour1actu (A)

Housing the homeless in Paris from France Info(A)

Helping young homeless back to work France Info (A)

Châtelet Les Halles – song by Florent Pagny – life in suburbs

Madame X – song about poverty by Francis Cabrel
Asylum seekers in Montreal unable to find accommodation
C’est quoi, être pauvre? – from Vimeo/1jour1actu/France TV (A)

Un SDF raconte – from Youtube/BFM TV


Who was in the Resistance?(A) Removed 28.2.23 – video link now behind paywall

What is the resistance?(A)
The D-Day landings in Normandy(A)
The D-Day landings in Normandy(AS) NEW 7.6.24

Origins of the armed resistance(A)

Why is de Gaulle considered a hero?(A)

De Gaulle’s June 18th call for resistance(A)
A female resistance member’s story(A)

Lucie Aubrac – heroine of the Resistance(A)

The massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane(A)

Brief history of the Résistance(AS/A)

Migrants: the Alpine route- from France TV Info (A)
Laïcité explained in 3 minutes – from YouTube (A) NEW 13.11.23
The right to vote (A)
Parliamentary elections in France (A)
Young people’s political engagement – from Radio France/YouTube (A)
Young people’s views on politics – from YouTube (A)
Brexit (A)

Racial discrimination at night club doors in Brussels- from RTBR.BE/Youtube (A)

Violence at demonstrations- from France 24/Youtube (A)

The National Front changes its name- from Euronews/Youtube (A)

Front (Rassemblement) national – from 1jour1question/YouTube

Introduction to politcs – from 1jour1question(A)

Role of the president – from 1jour1question(A)

What is democracy? – from TVSite(A)

What is laïcité? – from LCP/Youtube(A)

What is jihad? – from 1jour1question/YouTube (A)

Terrorist attack on Brussels – from Euronews/YouTube (A)

Terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo – from Euronews/YouTube (A)

Freedom of expression (after Charlie hebdo attack) – from 1jour1actu (A)

Terrorism – from 1jour1question/Vimeo/(A)


Beauty pageants for girls – from BFMTV/YouTube(A)

Wage inequality between men and women from France 24/YouTube (A)

International Women’s day – from YouTube


Fracking – from TV5Monde/YouTube

Greenwashing – environment song from Vevo/Youtube

Air pollution – the science – from AFP/Youtube


Stag night style tradition – from Le FLE avec les Media (AS)

Selling mis-shapen fruit and veg – from YouTube

What is cana…is? – from Vimeo/Milan Presse

Why learn French? – from YouTube

Dangers of e-cigarettes – from

Talking about a sport from France Bienvenue

Talking about weight training from France Bienvenue

What’s the point of sport? from 1jour1question

Holiday in Corsica – from France Bienvenue

Holiday plans – from France Bienvenue

Animal rights – from Canal+/Youtube

Humanoid robots – from

Genetic Modification – from F3/YouTube

International Space Station – from AFP/YouTube

Short film – passé composé – from Vimeo

Economic growth explained – from Vimeo/1jour1actu/France TV

Food waste – from Youtube/France TV


Music starter questions
Co-created story telling from a picture (PPT)
Politics starter discussion
Survey questions about school NEW 4.5.24
Family life in 2019 – “Ask the experts” task

Poverty in 2018 – “Ask the experts” task

Internet usage in 2018 – “Ask the experts” task

Immigration – “Ask the experts” task
The Basque country – “Ask the experts” task

French New wave – “Ask the experts” task

French cinema in 2022 – “Ask the experts” task

Cultural heritage (patrimoine) – “Ask the experts” task

The reformed baccalauréat – “Ask the experts” task

Murder mystery discussion game

Call my bluff game

Truth or lie game

One-upmanship game

Algerian War

Pairwork on French slang

Pictures for story telling

Scene for creative discussion
Scene for storytelling
Prompts for creative discussion and writing – lots of conditionals

What is the state of the world now?

Pairwork tennis match

Cinderella story for pair work task

Talking about TV board game

Talking about new technologies board game

Talking about advertising board game

Talking about cinema board game

Talking about music board game

Talking about fashion board game

Talking about sport board game

Talking about health board game

Talking about holidays board game

Talking about family life board game

Talking about relationships board game

Talking about education board game

Snakes and ladders conversation game (thanks to Musselburgh G.S)

End of term quiz questions

Listening task

Pros and cons of the internet


Carbon footprint

Cas de renvoi
Cas de renvoi – ppt for above by Ludivine

Parent-child pairwork scenarios
Who’s coming to dinner?
Sentence starters for discussion

Discussion questions on cinema

Dîner chez les Lavisse



Worksheets on L’Etranger

Translation into French- Meursault


La Peste worksheets

Questions for discussion

La Peste – qui aurait dit cela?


Chapter 1 p.5-11

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 p.93-103

Chapter 6 p.103-111

Chapter 7 p.113-122

De qui parle-t-on?

Ecris des phrases

Qui est-ce?


Lyrics to Le Tourbillon de la Vie

Part 1 Chapters 1-3

Part 1 Chapters 4-11

Part 2 Chapters 1-4

Part 2 Chapters 5-9

Essay titles

Jules et Jim film scene summary

Exercises on characters

Questions for discussion and writing

ZOLA – GERMINAL by Virginie Passerat

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Vocab for Chapter 1
Vocab for Chapter 2

MAUPASSANT – BOULE DE SUIF by Virginie Passerat

Work booklet

Cover for the above


See the samples page for this free resource provided by Paul Haywood


Worksheets for tableaux 1 to 3

Worksheets tableaux 4 to 7

Key quotations on philosophical and political aspects


Truffaut biography – translation into French

Questions to discuss on Les 400 Coups

Discussion questions on Le Dernier Métro

IMDB entry and reviews of La Nuit Américaine

MALLE – AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS – Sheets by Paul Haywood

Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3
Sheet 4
Sheet 5


Jean de Florette résumé- gap fill

Manon des Sources résumé – gap fill

Eau des Collines résumé – matching task

Jean Cadoret – gap fill

Ugolin Soubeyran – gap fill

César Soubeyran- gap fill

Jean de Florette: characters

Germinal synopsis with glossary

Résumé gap fill


Mining vocabulary

Germinal early scenes worksheet

Question sheet on history of mining in northern France

Germinal: industrial relations discussion task

Germinal: translation passage

Obituary of Lucie Aubrac for summary

Lucie Aubrac reviews plus exercises

Lucie Aubrac review and vocab

Lucie Aubrac biography with glossary