Other resources

Checked December 2023


Oak National Academy (UK) has lessons led by practising teachers in England. There are some interactive quizzes and PowerPoint lessons related to the curriculum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The site became a DfE funded site in 2022.

Sean Ennis, Head of MFL at Glenthorne High School, England, shared with me this YouTube channel of remote instruction screencasts. They are mainly to do with grammar and writing strategies. EBI stands for Even Better If.


Skolinks (Fr) is a non-profit French association you can use to get penfriend and class links for students. They also put teachers together from different countries.

Daily Geek Show has tremendous reading and listening material for intermediate/advanced students. I love this site!

This portal fromThe American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) allows teachers to upload and share resources.

TES Resources (UK) has plenty of resources written by practising teachers happy to share. the first place to go for free and paid-for resources.

Miss Myers: Learning French (UK) is a Google Site written by Helen Myers.

Light Bulb Languages(UK) site has texts, worksheets, sound files, PowerPoints and more. It has accurate resources at various levels and is regularly updated. Maintained with love and care by Clare Seccombe. Highly recommended.

Languages Resources (UK) is a lovely site maintained by Samantha Broom with a very good range of free resources, not just in French.

BBC Languages (UK) has archived resources.
Ririro (Fr) has traditional stories read aloud with transcripts.
The University of Lethbridge (Ca) produced a detailed set of lesson plans in the task-based style for beginners. You might get some inspiration form these, especially for younger learners.

ALL Literature Project (UK). This wiki, hosted by the ALL (Association for Language Learning), has texts and exercises written by contributors and based on a literary theme. It has been produced following the inclusion of literary texts in the latest version of the GCSE exam.

Learn French with Pascal has a wide range a mine of videos on grammar, vocabulary and much more.

iSLCollective (Fr) is a very good file and worksheet sharing site from France with a good number of resources useful for French teachers in English=speaking countries.


MFL Online (UK) from Jim Hall has an excellent collection of resources specifically for A-level level in England and Wales. Some contributions are not error-free, but well worth browsing. The site could do with some updates.

Teachit Languages (UK) is a subscription site with some free resources..

Les Energivores (Fr) is an excellent source of video and reading material on energy use. The level is high intermediate to advanced. There are some interactive mini games.

OCR, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC, SQA, the Irish State Examinations Commission.

Visuals for Foreign language Instruction (USA) from the University of Pittsburgh's digital library has a huge range of simple line-drawn images.

1jour1actu (Fr) is an online magazine for French 7-13 year olds, is a superb source for easy reading material. You could extract texts for specific lessons, or just use it as a source for authentic personal reading.

Some very useful high intermediate and advanced assessment and teaching materials from the CIEP(Fr) (Centre international d'études pédagogiques). The DELF sample examination papers can be copied and listening tests can be streamed or downloaded.

Les Débrouillards is a French-Canadian online magazine with bags of good archived reading material, together with "fiches pédagogiques" for teachers, and links to fascinating Francophone sites. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students with a particular interest in science and nature.

ebay 016Momes.net is an online magazine for young French speakers around the world, with forums, reviews, stories etc. Suitable for intermediate level. Good source of reading material for you to base worksheets on.

The Cortland(USA) site has a tremendous list of ideas for language games.

Miscositas(USA) has a range of resources for various languages, including some useful French classroom posters and other resources to download.

Froggyspeak (UK/Fr) has scripted recordings of situational dialogues and a story in chapters. Witty writing. Good for individual listening/reading. translations provided in pop-up windows.

Tomlitoo has animal alphabet posters to print.

French.ie is the portal for French teachers in Ireland. You'll find worksheets and links.

Apprendre (Fr) is by the same teachers who did the clever Polar FLE site. Here, they offer exercises and pictures for download.

Les Dossiers du Net has a very large range of articles for advanced level and university students.

The BBC's GCSE Bitesize is useful for reference and revision.

There are very good sheets at the French as a Second Language Activities with M. Renaud site in Canada.

DSC00855 France Bienvenue (Fr) has conversations on video with transcripts which could easily be adapted for classroom use. For example, you could make gap fill tasks using the transcripts. For advanced learners.

Je dis, tu dis, il dit, nous disons... (Fr) is from the same source as France Bienvenue. It offers videos and transcripts, with a greater focus on aspects of vocabulary.

Maud Sullivan's Youtube channel has numerous presentations of grammar, clearly laid out and explained in French.

Discovery Educational Software have free crosswords, wordsearches etc.

The Zoo de la Palmyre site is interactive, but has all sorts of good textual material on animals.

La Maternelle de Moustache is aimed at French nursery schools, but has some useful materials for us.

Free clipart for language teachers is offered by the Half Baked Software people.

Make Blockbusters quizzes in a jiffy with the Teachers Direct

Here is a list of French Proverbs

Bingo Card generator!

Another Bingo card generator - Bingo baker


Puzzlemaker allows you to make wordsearches and other puzzles. Very easy!

Freeway (Project HappyChild)(UK) has many free vocabulary and verbs which could be printed off for tests and revision.

Languages Online (Aus) has simple resources for beginners and near beginners.

A Green Mouse has video resources and other activities for younger learners (KS3). Could also be used at Key Stage 2.

FrenchEntrée (UK) is aimed at British people moving to France, but contains a wealth of factual information which could be of use for language or civilisation work.

Here you'll find French Onlinenewspapers.com has a comprehensive list of online French newspapers.

Free classroom posters to download from Instant Display(UK).

PacDV Sound Effects (USA) has free sound effects to download if you wanted to create a lesson based on sounds.

French Teacher Resources has a selection of printables and presentations.

Votre Générateur de Certificats (Ca) is a certificate generator!

At Chansons Françaises has lots of song words for French-speaking artists.