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Contents - Year 8



Prendre, apprendre, comprendre
Regular -er verbs crossword
Regular -ir verbs crossword
Regular -re verbs crossword
Present tense crossword (regular and irregular)
Present tense crossword - guess the verb
Stick-in or display on regular present tenses
Present tense summary and practice sheet
Irregular present tense verb gap fill
Paired dictation - jumbled words, present tense
Paired dictation (2) - jumbled words, present tense
Pairwork - present tense verb test
Questions using present tense
Using on peut + infinitive
Display - simple train timetable for practising 24 hour clock and verbs partir and arriver in present or past


Aller + infinitive (1)
Aller + infinitive (2)
Aller + infinitive (3)
Aller + infinitive (4)
Aller + infinitive battleships
Aller + infinitive crossword

PERFECT TENSE (Passé composé)

Battleships game for Perfect Tense (can be adapted online for other grammar or vocab areas)
Present - perfect tense oral/writing drill (avoir reg)
Present - perfect Tense oral/oral/writing drill (avoir irregular)
Present - perfect tense oral/writing drill (avoir reg and irreg)
Present - Perfect tense oral/writing drill (être verbs)
Journey notes for oral exploitation - perf être verbs
Questions to practise perfect tense être verbs
Present - perfect tense oral/writing drill (reflexive verbs)
Present - perfect tense writing passage (mixed)
Worksheet for oral and written practice - avoir and être verbs
Irregular past participles - kinaesthetic game
Labels for game above
Questions in perfect tense
Various translation into French exercises
Perfect tense battleships - regular avoir verbs
Perfect tense battleships - irregular avoir verbs
Perfect tense battleships - être verbs
Perfect tense battleships - reflexive verbs
Perfect tense battleships - mixed verbs
Le weekend dernier battleships - regular -er verbs
Le weekend dernier battleships - mixed verbs
Paired dictation perfect - être verbs
Perfect tense: être verb pairwork
Negatives - perfect tense (hard)
Display - notes for describing a journey in the past
Pair work task to go with above - liste de vacances
Story - gingerbread man (by Jo Wallace)


Adjective agreements
Etre + adjectives
Adjective agreements crossword
Du, de la, des, de
Prepositions before towns and countries
Comparatives - comparing animals
Comparatives (2)
Direct object pronouns
Direct object pronouns drills
Direct object pronouns drills (2)
Food quantities
Ce, cette, ces
Au Café - mixed tenses and vocabulary


Aller + infinitive (with sports)
Aller + infinitive (with various activities)
Perfect tense (with sports)
Perfect tense intro - regular -er verbs with avoir
Perfect tense various verbs
Buying fruit and veg - with partitives
Ordering drinks - with partitives
Saying what you had or didn't have to drink - with partitives
Saying what you can do on holiday (On peut..)
Musical instruments
Parts of the body NEW 26.11.18
Countries in Europe
Languages spoken in Europe


Perfect tense - regular avoir
Perfect tense - irregular avoir
Perfect tense - être verbs
Direct object pronouns
Problems with du/de la/des and le/la/les
Aller + infinitive


Always check that videos are available online before you print off sheets. Do not share login details with pupils.

School – from Youtube
Daily routine – from Youtube
Passé composé song – from Alain Le Lait
Petit Ours Brun et le bébé – from YouTube
Petit Ours Brun joue à la dînette – from YouTube
Petit Ours Brun se lève tôt – from YouTube
Petit Ours Brun a perdu son doudou – from YouTube
Petit Ours Brun fait de la luge – from YouTube
Trotro fait un bonhomme de neige – from YouTube
Trotro a un beau cartable – from YouTube
Daily routine – from Youtube
Peppa pig fait les courses – from Youtube
Buying groceries – from Youtube


See the Y7 page for lots more parallel texts.

Cinderella story

Tour de France

Minecraft (gapped translation)


Baccalaureat vocab game
Stick-in vocab lists – print off and cut out!
Cyber-shopping at Auchan!
Excel sheet instead of above. Calculates the bill for you.
Shops dominoes
Shops wordsearch
Food crossword.
Fruit and veg wordsearch.
Fruit and veg dominoes.
Protein food dominoes.
Drinks crossword.
Shops crossword
Railways crossword
Railways wordsearch
Railways dominoes
Code breaker on restaurant vocab
Quel pays?
Draw a monster – parts of the body
Parts of the body crossword
Parts of the body wordsearch
Physical descriptions wordsearch etc
Clothes wordsearch
Questions about food


Restaurant dialogue and notes
Hotel dialogue and vocabulary
Campsite dialogue and vocabulary
Baker’s dialogue and vocabulary
Café dialogue and vocabulary
Butcher’s dialogue and vocabulary
Fishmonger’s dialogue and vocabulary
Greengrocery dialogue and vocabulary
Car hire dialogue and vocabulary
Train ticket office dialogue and vocabulary
Last weekend dialogue and notes
Post office dialogue and notes



Last weekend NEW 8.11.18
Technology NEW 17.11.18
Next weekend NEW 11.11.18
School NEW 8.11.18
Pastimes NEW 8.11.18
Holidays NEW 8.11.18
Meals NEW 4.12.18
Household chores NEW 4.12.18


Revision questions for the start of year

Daily routine board game
Daily routine lesson plan
School board game
Food board game
Lesson plan on D-Day landings
General conversation questions
Questions about school for oral and written work
Pupil survey sheet – good for self-evaluation!
Speaking test questions
Fill in the vowels – written accuracy
Ecole – gapfill/writing frame
Tricolore Total Louis Laloupe worksheet
Tricolore Total – Les sandwichs de M. Corot
Text and exercises on homework
Café dialogue and vocabulary
Greengrocery dialogue and vocabulary 

Template for interviews with assistants