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Y7 (near-beginner)
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GCSE Foundation Tier

GCSE Higher Tier

GCSE to A-level bridging pack


Primary/Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10-11

Château du Molay, Le Molay Littry

Château du Molay, Le Molay Littry

A Level

Introduction to teaching A-level MFL NEW 6.12.24
Grammar cloze exercise
Violence against women
Key dates in history of European Union

Worksheet booklet on Un Secret by Grimbert (by Paul Haywood)
Trade unionism in France NEW 23.3.23
Listening – women living alone
Video listening – the massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane, June 1944

French political system presentation 

Living alone: instant 30 minute listening 

Audio listening: the Puy du Fou 

Video listening + sub-titles – Emmanuel Macron talking about bullying at school

Video listening – Christine Lagarde talks about International Women’s Day

Fracking – from TV5Monde/Youtube

Aylan, the little Syrian boy washed up on a beach BFMTV/Youtube 

Social background and educational achievement

Translation with model answer: from La Peste

Video listening – holidays – young children talking

Destruction of coral reefs

Twitter abuse

Paris climate change agreement 

Video listening – interviews on love and marriage

Xenophobia in France and Europe Food wastage

McDonalds advertising

How is the world now? Discussion task.

Je ne regrette rien – song gapfill

Stereotyping of boys and girls through toys

Call my bluff game

Le point sur le Sida

Doping in sport – Lance Armstrong

Adjectives to nouns crossword

E-cigarettes – listening task

Speed dating – listening task

Job interview advice – listening task

Prostitution – a prostitute’s account

Music streaming

Household chores and divorce rates

Internet use in France

Pros and cons of electric cars

Integration and immigration

Violent clashes in Amiens

Nobel Peace Prize for the EU

A-level level word grid to complete – nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
Genome research

Marriage and health

Haunted house story

Child labour

Binge drinking EN

Binge drinking FR


Women’s rights – mini dossier

GM crops

Solar energy

Should teachers give zero?

Snakes and ladders conversation game

Television conversation board game

New technologies conversation board game

Death penalty – for or against

Au revoir les enfants (1) – by Paul Haywood

Au revoir les enfants (2)

Au revoir les enfants (3)

Au revoir les enfants (4)

Au revoir les enfants (5)


My family beginner dialogue
House buying vocab list
Dialogue – at the pharmacy