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The best French teacher resources

Feedback from my recent user survey is here. Thank you to those who took part.

  • Over 1000 worksheets, texts, grammar, vocabulary and listening exercises
  • Annual fee £20. I keep the price low to enable as many teachers as possible to use the site
  • Free samples, whiteboard notes, links, Spanish resources, powerpoints and teacher’s guide
  • Aimed at teachers and tutors of primary, high school and adult learners
  • Helps prepare for  GCSE, IGCSE, Scottish and Irish exams, IB, Pre-U and GCE A-level
  • Widely used in the UK, France, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere
  • Testimonials, links, samples, teacher guides and a page showing the full contents of the members’ site
  • Frenchteacher will save you hours
  • Check out the blog for ideas and advice


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Recent Additions

| Y12-13 (Advanced)

Video listening. C’est quoi, être pauvre? Another super little video about poverty from the 1jour1question series. What is it? What is the poverty threshold? Role of recession. Role of state and charities. Clear and concise. Easy introduction to the theme. Questions in French and some discussion. Teacher’s answers given.

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