, Y9 (Low intermediate)

A short text about the basenji dog breed. It's main peculiarity is that it doesn't bark. Must be rough for it. Text comes with vocab to complete and a summary to do.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

A text with questions in English about the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre of 10th June 1944. This accompanies the video listening task posted previously.

, Y12-13 (Advanced), FREE

Video listening. This is based on a short archive video (1m 47) from the INA about the appalling massacre of the village of Oradour-sur-Glane on June 10th 1944. Vocabulary provided and questions to answer.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Foundation GCSE knowledge organiser revision document. This is an alternative to a previous version I wrote (which I had forgotten about). You can now take your pick!

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

Video listening. The life of Lucie Aubrac, heroine of the RĂ©sistance, recounted by 1jour1question. Questions in French to answer. Straightforward, suitable for both AS and A-level. Useful for those doing Edexcel, WJEC or Eduqas. There's a very good film about her story too.

, Y7 (Beginner)

A sentence builder frame entitled Which animals do you like and why? This one includes both masculine and feminine creatures. Suggested teaching sequence provided.

, Y8 (Very low intermediate)

PowerPoint presentation on clothing.

, Y7 (Beginner)

A beginner sentence builder frame called Which sports do you like? Possible teaching sequence provided.

, Y7 (Beginner)

Easy sentence builder frame. Which animals do you like? With a suggested teaching sequence. This could be used in conjunction with a PowerPoint on the page.

, Y7 (Beginner)

A simple two column sentence builder frame called What time do you do things? A chance for beginners to practise their time phrases with everyday activities.