, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Another new narrow reading worksheet. Topic: my best friend. Words an chunks to find, matching for comprehension, gap-fill and a short paragraph to write. Good for Y9, could be used with a weaker Y10/11 group.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Another narrow reading set of exercises, this time on free time activities. Four short paragraphs, "find the French", matching, gap-fill and a short paragraph to write. I've created a new section on the Y9 page just for narrow reading tasks.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

An easy narrow reading task about holidays. Four similar texts, "find the French", matching, gap-fill and write a similar paragraph. Could be used with a less brilliant Y10 class.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Narrow reading. Tripadvisor-style comments about the Mont St Michel. Matching task, chunks to find, gap-fill and translation. In Y9 section, but could be used in Y10-11 with weaker groups.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

A set of narrow reading paragraphs based on Tripadvisor comments about the Parc Astérix theme park. Matching, "find the French", gap-fill and translation. It's on the Y9 page, but is usable with weaker Y10-11.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Narrow reading task. Tripadvisor comments on the Eiffel Tower. With a matching tasks, translation both ways and gap-fill. Answers provided. Designed for Y9 but could work with Y10-11.

, Y12-13 (Advanced), FREE

I've uploaded a 35 page A-level home study pack. It contains 6 listening and 6 reading/writing resources. Answers given. It's a compendium of existing resources made free during this difficult time.

, Y7 (Beginner), FREE

I have uploaded as free resources three home study booklets for Y7, Y8 and Y9. The latter two have answer keys included.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate), FREE

I have uploaded two GCSE (intermediate level) home study packs of 40-50 pages containing listening, reading, speaking and writing resources. Answers are given where relevant. They are on the Y10-11 page and in the Free samples section.

, Y7 (Beginner)

A beginner PowerPoint on means of transport plus opinions. The sequence also includes a sentence builder frame which brings together the slide material. Creates a whole lesson if you add in elements such as translation, transcription, memory and guessing games.