, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Another narrow listening task. This one is about future holiday plans. Four short, easy texts to read aloud. Students do a matching and true/false task. Answers given.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Another narrow listening task (four short texts, each containing similar language) with matching and true/false to do. Very achievable, answers provided.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

A second narrow listening task, this one on the topic of pastimes. Four short, easy texts to read, each with similar language. Matching and true/false to complete. Answers given. These make for easy instant, useful lessons. Lovely comprehensible input!

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

The first of a series of "narrow listening" tasks for Y9 (or above). The teacher reads aloud four short similar texts while students complete the exercises (matching and true false). The transcript can be handed out after for further practice. These would be suitable for Foundation Tier GCSE too.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

Video listening. This is a recent TV news item about racial discrimination in the workplace. Mohamed was told by a US company to change his name to Antoine. Questions in French, model answers supplied.

, Adult students

A simple dialogue on the subject of next weekend. This is one of over a dozen on the site for reading aloud and adapting with the notes provided. The content is aimed at adult learners.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Audio listening based on a recording from This one is a gap-fill with options, plus vocab to identify. Topic: Delphine talking about schooling during lockdown ("confinement"). Easy (overlap) Higher GCSE. You could make it harder by removing the options in the box.

, Y8 (Very low intermediate)

A narrow reading task on the topic "Last weekend". Four texts with exercises for recycling. Answers given.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Video listening from the 1jour1question series. C'est quoi, le métier de vétérinaire? Gap-fill and vocab to find. For a good GCSE group or brilliant Y9.

, Y7 (Beginner)

A simple sentence builder frame for describing the type of dwelling you live in. For beginners.