, Y7 (Beginner)

Video listening - Trotro joue à cache-cache. Trotro cartoon with French subtitles. Good for home vocabulary, rooms and prepositions. (FYI Trotro is a cartoon donkey!)

, Y10-11 (Intermediate), FREE

I have posted a one page guide on how to use the texts with exercises on the site. This may be very useful to novice teachers and of interest to experienced practitioners who may appreciate a new angle. It is a free sample and also on the Y10-11 and A-level pages for reference.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

First resource of 2014! Video listening task on the Eiffel Tower. True/false/not mentioned. Easy advanced level or could be used with a very quick intermediate group.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

I have updated and added new exercises to an article on violence in the French suburbs. I shall in the coming weeks be updating or removing a number of texts with exercises which may have become outdated.

, Y7 (Beginner)

Beginner listening task: La famille Berrow. Worksheet linked to a BBC video. This may only work for British users (BBC copyright).

, Y7 (Beginner)

Checklist of useful classroom phrases for the novice teacher. You would probably use nearly all of these at some point. Students soon get used to them.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Another Peppa Cochon video with worksheet for intermediate level (Y10-11). This one is called Une chasse au trésor. Gap fill and sentence reordering. I like the clarity of the language in these videos.

, Y12-13 (Advanced), FREE

Song: Bonne et heureuse année. This sheet links to a song on Youtube and was kindly sent to me by Jane O'Sullivan who has been enjoying the Peppa Pig videos with her classes. Gap fill with additional vocabulary help on a separate sheet. See the free samples page too. Un grand merci!

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

Article and exercises on "binge watching" i.e. watching whole series in one go or in a short time. Text, vocabulary, questions, lexical work and grammar - attendre que + subjunctive. Good for English and Welsh AS level media theme.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

New Peppa Pig video listening worksheet. Polly va en vacances. I've put this on the Y9 page, but you could use it with older or younger students. The exercise is to tick off the true sentences. Always check the links work if you choose to use listening sheets.