Thank you very much. Your site is brilliant and very inspiring to me and my students.

Elizabeth Deacon, Teacher, UK

Thank you for the wonderful resources!

Fiona Kyle, Teacher in England

When I need some extra resources I always turn to frenchteacher net. Having followed Steve for some time, I know that I always find something I can use for any key stages. The materials at KS 4 and 5 have literally saved me. I am equally relieved to be able to pick up a lot for my Year 8s. I have been in and out of teaching at KS3 so what a treat not to have to spend time creating extra resources.

Nolwenn Burkey, Teacher at Devonport High School, England

I have been using your website now for many years but never got a chance to THANK YOU for all the great resources you have created over the past years, they are truly amazing. Not only have they enlightened loads of students but also saved me preparation time.

Vanessa Blaise, teacher, UK

I’ve just taken out a new subscription. Always amazed at the low cost for access to such a lot of excellent resources . Thank you .

Patricia Penny, Educational Leadership Coach, England

One of the best sites there is. It’s a snip at £25 that services hundreds of students each week. We pay £300 PER KID for an unnamed A level course that comes nowhere near. Top work Steve.

Teacher, British School, Abu Dhabi

It is probably the best resource bank for French in the Internet. Not only because it has ready-made stuff, but because it is also full of ideas I can use for the other languages I teach.

Ruth Bober, teacher in England

We continue to raid your site for countless materials over the course of the year and we are so grateful for your hard work and inventiveness.

Catherine McBride, Teacher, England

I am French, teach French in my school and I am happy to have found your site, such a help! And of great quality!

Marie-Pierre Ritz, teacher, UK

I love your site, it's always my first port of call if I'm looking for resources, especially for A level.
Keep up the good work!

Morag Eddyshaw, Teacher, UK