Frenchteacher.net is a brilliant resource for busy teachers and is invaluable for us - very good value too! Thanks Steve for all your hard work!

Anne Swainston and Matthew Thomas-Peter, teachers at Ripon Grammar School, England

I just thought I'd let you know how much we are enjoying all the lovely new resources you are providing for adults - they are excellent and well appreciated.

Rosalynd Leveridge, adult tutor, England

I love your resources. I use them all the time to support really interactive activities with my SKE group (German and Spanish specialists improving their French) at the Institute of Education. Your texts and exercises are fantastic when copied and cut up alongside dice, buzzers, fly swats, random picker etc. They are a real life-saver to me and I recommend my teachers on the course to subscribe to the site.

Carmel O'Hagen, course tutor and subject leader at the institute of Education, London

We love your resources. Merci mille fois!

linguipod.co.uk, tutoring service

It's a wonderful site and invaluable resource!

Marc McKee, French teacher, Al Khor International School, Qatar

Frenchteacher.net is excellent value for money, well worth the £20! Keep up the good work.

Catherine Wilson Head of Spanish and teacher of French, New Hall School, Chelmsford, England

It's so reassuring to know that you are there to help us and thank you so much for your very interesting website. In Jamaica, we do not have much material for French at the various levels, especially the advanced level. I am indebted to you.

Rachel Hall, French teacher at deCarteret College, Mandeville, Jamaica.

I am a language tutor working from home and have come to rely on Frenchteacher.net for a lot of my resources. Magnificent stuff. Thanks Steve!

Suzanne Kelly, French tutor, England

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed preparing my lessons today, thanks to you!
I think it's incredibly generous of you to have created this site for other teachers: it must have taken alot of time and hard work.

Katie Castanet, French tutor for adults, France

Thank you for sharing your wonderful resources.

Joanna Marchant, French teacher, England