I have been using your site for many years and love it!

Jo Beamish, Head of MFL St Peter’s RC High School, England

A resource I simply couldn't live without in my day to day teaching. Have recommended to others on various courses- best £25 I've ever spent!

Laura French, Head of French, Lancing College, England

Thank you for providing such a fantastic website. You save us so much time and effort and are also a great source of inspiration.

Joanne Wallace, French tutor, Ripon, England

Your website is truly amazing. It has really enhanced my Y12 lessons.

Cécile Altinkalp, Ringwood High School, Hampshire, England

Once again, thank you for your excellent resources – they are absolutely invaluable to our students and us. I particularly like some of the new listening and reading materials you have
posted for A level practice – they are engaging, well-focused and interesting. I’m also finding your blog very useful – as a HoD your thoughts are a good starting point for some interesting and useful discussions in the department.

Ian Dalgleish, Head of Languages, King's School, Macclesfield, England

I have always loved your site so much and had many a successful/interesting lesson based on your fantastic thought-provoking materials! I teach at University in the USA and there is a real lack of high level materials/texts here - the A level ones are perfect and always so up to date - you do a fantastic job! Thanks so much for sharing!

Nicki Rutlin, French professor, University of South Carolina Aiken, USA

I have been using this site for several years now and found it invaluable for my AS and A level teaching – all the more so as I am the only teacher of this subject. A wonderful site!

Katharine Day, teacher, Paston Sixth Form College, England

Frenchteacher.net is a brilliant resource for busy teachers and is invaluable for us - very good value too! Thanks Steve for all your hard work!

Anne Swainston and Matthew Thomas-Peter, teachers at Ripon Grammar School, England

I just thought I'd let you know how much we are enjoying all the lovely new resources you are providing for adults - they are excellent and well appreciated.

Rosalynd Leveridge, adult tutor, England

I love your resources. I use them all the time to support really interactive activities with my SKE group (German and Spanish specialists improving their French) at the Institute of Education. Your texts and exercises are fantastic when copied and cut up alongside dice, buzzers, fly swats, random picker etc. They are a real life-saver to me and I recommend my teachers on the course to subscribe to the site.

Carmel O'Hagen, course tutor and subject leader at the institute of Education, London