Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic website which I use all the time. I have been a classroom French teacher for 34 years and finally decided last year to leave the stresses and strains of school teaching behind and become a tutor from home. Your website has been a great help, not only for the panicky sixth formers but also the adult learners who want to pick up their French again.Thank you too for not being exorbitantly expensive!

Barbara Thomas, French tutor, St Albans, England.

Thank you so much for your hard work - subscribing to frenchteacher.net was the best thing I've done in ages!

Kathy John, prep school teacher, Norfolk, England.

Just to say thank you for all your excellent resources on frenchteacher.net. I have just taken out a subscription and it is proving invaluable. Will highly recommend you to other A Level teachers. What a huge amount of work you have put in to develop these materials – highly appreciated. Merci mille fois.

Ruth Ainley, Read School, North Yorkshire, England

I have always found your website a godsend!

Claire Harris, French teacher, England.

Frenchteacher.net is the place to go for teaching resources, ideas, updates about France and information on MFL teaching. It's especially good for A Level.  I'd hate to be without it - it's well worth the very reasonable subscription!

Liza Stewart, Uplands Community College, East Sussex, England.

For me, Frenchteacher.net has been a valuable source of material for several years. I have made regular use of the reliable and focussed AS/A2 materials, adapting exercises here and there. The reading articles are invariably appropriate and carefully exploited, with searching and open-ended questions. The grammar sections have provided me with ‘emergency’ packages for use in class and for independent study. My only regret is that I have not always explored the excellent links to other resource banks as fully as I might. I get a real sense of a holistic approach to language learning: comprehension, grammar and good writing and speaking practice are treated as complementary skills. I find this very refreshing; we can all spend too much time focussing on the very special and sometimes arbitrary demands of an exam paper. I wish Steve every success for the continued development of the website; he has the experience and ‘savoir-faire’ to provide terrific support to French teachers in all sectors and at all levels.

Richard Dawson, Head of Modern Languages, Exeter School, England.

I have been using frenchteacher.net for some years now and find it an invaluable resource, especially for A-level teaching. The A-level materials closely cover the required topics and provide a wealth of productive language practice. The materials at all levels show an imaginative approach to set topics and the texts with activities are accessible and interesting, with worthwhile tasks. There is a good range of grammar drills and activities which give the necessary practice which course books often fail to provide.

Ian Dalgleish, Head of MFL, King's School, Macclesfield, England

Very rich, very intelligently done , therefore, a lot of amazing material to use in class.  I highly recommended your site to all my students.

Patrick Bringuier, teacher in adult education, Kingston-upon-Thames, England.

We have been using 'frenchteacher.net' at Ashcroft Technology Academy since July 2012. We have found the resources an invaluable accompaniment for our exam classes but, in particular, for our A level and IB classes, where there are excellent grammar sheets for all levels and authentic reading comprehensions. I especially like the Teacher's Guide which serves as a checklist for a recall on games in the MFL classroom as well as ways to teach film and literature. It is, of course, excellent value for money and would recommend it to any language teacher who is short of time.

Paulette Kavanagh, Curriculum Manager, MFL, England.

I use frenchteacher.net  for my lessons all the time and I find it very useful because it uses up to date articles and the exercises are interesting and relevant.

Christine Marshall, private tutor and part-time lecturer, Oxford University, England.