I am a language tutor working from home and have come to rely on Frenchteacher.net for a lot of my resources. Magnificent stuff. Thanks Steve!

Suzanne Kelly, French tutor, England

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed preparing my lessons today, thanks to you!
I think it's incredibly generous of you to have created this site for other teachers: it must have taken alot of time and hard work.

Katie Castanet, French tutor for adults, France

Thank you for sharing your wonderful resources.

Joanna Marchant, French teacher, England

I was delighted to find frenchteacher.net some time ago. The wealth of material is wonderful. I have made extensive use of the AS/A2 material, which is both relevant to the demands of examination boards and skillfully presented. It is now my first point of reference when looking for first-rate material.

Chris Heaven, Former Head of Modern Languages and A-level examiner, England.

I use frenchteacher.net on a weekly basis and it has formed a large part of my scheme of work for GCSE, AS and A2 French. I have used the website regularly since I discovered it over 5 years ago as the resources are tailor made for busy teachers. The texts and activities are well sourced, topical and interesting, highlighting key areas of vocabulary and grammar for students. The variety of imaginative tasks is stimulating for students and I have recommended the website to all MFL teachers. For only £20 year this really is an essential resource for any languages department and I thank Steve Smith for all support via this website.

James Hughes, Head of MFL, Wirral Grammar School for Boys, England

Thanks so much for the website. Its terrific! A great help! It has saved me hours of work and given me great ideas for the classroom.

Derval Dooley, French teacher from Ireland.

Your website is brilliant.

Catherine McBride, Head of Modern Languages, Ibstock Place School, England.

We very appreciate the wonderful resources you share on your website - they are very well used across all year groups at our school.  Many thanks for all your hard work.

Mary Ryan, Head of Modern Languages, St Francis' College, Hertfordshire, England.

Your resources are amazing.

Sue Nevins, Parr's Wood School, Manchester, England.

Thanks for all your hard work and fabulous resources all year – we use them a lot!

Noreen Graham, teacher, Kilkeel High School, Northern Ireland