, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Listening task for easy intermediate (foundation/higher GCSE). From the loeschervideo collection via Youtube. Sentence completion in French. This could be used with good younger classes too. I have made this one quite easy.

, Y8 (Very low intermediate)

Listening task based on a Youtube video (from Bonjour de France) about school life. Very good level, with subtitles in French. True/false and vocabulary list to complete.This would be an excellent resource to complement a topic about school.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Grammar sheet on the conditional perfect with a series of simple scenarios to comment on: "J'aurais...". Good for pair work follwoed by written back-up. Would suit a very good GCSE (intermediate) class or lower sixth (low advanced).

, Y7 (Beginner)

Listening. Silly amd amusing song Si t'as été à Tahiti. Easy gapfill with focus on past participles. I put it in the Y10-11 section, but you could try this with Y9 or even able Y8s.

, Y12-13 (Advanced), FREE

Listening. Interview with a coaching expert on creating a good impression at a job interview. Students watch the subtitled presentation from Youtube and complete sentences on their sheet using vocabulary and grammar skill as well as listening and reading skill. I like this one! It could lead to some good conversation and vocabulary building too.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

Grammar crossword on si clauses for A-level. This covers present, future, imperfect, conditional, pluperfect and conditional perfect. It could be used with a very smart Y11 group.

, Y10-11 (Intermediate)

Reading comprehension on the charte de la laïcité just introduced into French schools. Challenging text (could be used at A-level), vocabulary list to complete and questions in English. This would suit a really good GCSE/intermediate group. Good opportunity for some discussion in English.

, Y9 (Low intermediate)

Crossword on the imperfect tense for low intermediate (Y9-10). Simple gap fill with first letter of verb provided.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

Listening. Song by Orelsan called La Terre est ronde. Youtube video plus gap fill, vocab list and oral questions. This rap style song is insanely catchy! Clear words. Good for a discussion on happiness, materialism and future plans.

, Y12-13 (Advanced)

Listening/oral work on national stereotypes. Youtube video to watch, then a range of exercises on stereotypes. This goes with another, text-based worksheet on the same page.